Review: Infatuation A little Harmless Military Romance

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Book Reviews
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My first review to be posted to my sight is Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance by Melissa Schroeder.  Hope you take the chance on this one.  I am totally infatuated with this series.

Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance

by Melissa Schroeder.

Available in Kindle format from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Shannon Dupree thought that the wedding in Hawaii would be just another vacation until the sexy Seal Francis McKade walked in with her brother Malachi. The one man that could take her breath away with just a look. The only problem was that was all that he had ever done but that was about to change. Having Kade hold her in his arms was something that filled her fantasies but giving him the go ahead for some no obligations wedding sex was possibly the only chance she had at being with him and she was going to take whatever she could get.

Francis McKade was once again looking across the room at the most sexiest woman he had ever met. It was too bad that she was his best friends baby sister and totally hands off for him. Doing the two step with her at the wedding made him make a decision that would change his life. Spending the night with Shannon was magical especially when she showed him that she was more than a little bit submissive when he let her taste a bit of his dominant side. Something that he had hoped to explore further before getting the call that he and Mal had to ship out right away, the call that would change his life forever.

Shannon is done with waiting to hear from Kade. She knew that he and Mal had gone into a bad situation but they were back, they were alive and she knew her texts and emails were getting through but his continued silence proved that the connection she thought they had shared was nothing more than her own fantasy. Kade couldn’t say no when Mal asked him to take their week off and come with him to New Orleans, he needed to see her despite knowing that he could never be what she needed. Could never be the man he was before. Scarred from his mission, Kade still could not stay away from the feisty bar-owner but he is not the same man and his desires and needs are much harder and darker than they were before and he could not allow his pain to hurt the woman he wanted more than anything.  Shannon needs to lick her wounds, returning to Hawaii and her family where she can only hope to get over the hurt but when a man in uniform steps back into her life she must make a decision whether to take a chance on following her heart and the man she loves.

I devoured this little piece of sinful erotic deliciousness. Kade is dark, dangerous and scarred. The mission he returned from changing him forever. Shannon is made of awesome. Not another skinny, flat chested heroine….. her voluptuousness not only is sexy and desirable by Kade but it made her more real to me (being a larger sized woman myself). I loved her spunk, her humor and her passion to go for what she wants and to try new things in the bedroom. I am quite enamored with the Harmless books that I have read so far and need to find the time to fill my ereader with more of them.

Ebook Arc received November 2011



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