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Not a Great Start to my Day

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Daily Musings

Woke up this morning with hopes of catching up on a couple more reviews but life or rather death has gotten in the way.  Last night I was given a heads up that a member of my family who had been in the hospital had taken another turn after getting a little better last week.  This morning it was over.  A man who gave everything he could his entire life for his family has been taken away.  May you be in the arms of your loved ones already gone today Lon.  It just kind of hit home talking to his daughter (my niece) this morning how sudden things might change especially after living through it myself this spring with the passing of my father. We do survive.  We do move on.  But there will always be triggers or remembrances that bring us back to that moment.  Rest in peace Lonnie.  We will always love and remember you with a smile and good memories.


A Jaguar’s Kiss by Katie Reus

4/5 Hockey Styxx

Gabriela Segura needed some time away from her job after dealing with the loss of her team so accepting her mother’s invitation to return home for a visit was the perfect escape.  If only she could escape running into Owen Wright, her once best friend who had cut her to the bone and severed their growing bond before they could fully explore what they might have had.  Getting accosted and kidnapped by his brother was not what she expected when she stepped out of the restaurant though, and apparently neither did Owen when he found her bound in his office leaving her jaguar no other choice but to run from the wolf.

Alpha Owen Wright knew who was waiting in his office before his brother opened his mouth to tell him what stupid thing he had done in hopes of flushing out the jaguar who had been attacking humans from the community.  Gabriela was the one woman he let get away.  The one he had always wanted and the one he had no clue as to why she ran from him.  He had to catch her and let her know the reason why his idiot brother took her off the streets at gunpoint before she found herself in danger from the killer hiding amongst them.

Gabriela and Owen have a history that needs some details filled in but the one thing they both know, even if they only admit it to themselves, is that there is a connection between them that the miles and years apart from each other did nothing to diminish.  With the stunning revelation that they had more than the severed connection between them to keep them in each other’s lives they both realize that they need to face their past if they hope to have a chance of working together to find out who was truly behind the attacks.

Sexy, fast paced, exciting and dangerous!  This novella captivated me just as quickly as Ethan snagged   Gabriela off the street and drew me into their plight and the emotional connection of Owen and the woman he let get away so long ago.  The immediate flair of desire is evident as they briefly glimpse each other before Gabriela runs and Owen, for several reasons, follows hooking me into their story even more.  I am totally diving into more Katie Reus books as soon as possible!

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I received this review copy from the author for an honest review.

Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

5/5 Hockey Styxxx

On the day of her wedding Lady Jessica Sheffield watches as the decedent and indecent Alistair plays with his latest paramour in the gazebo;  all the while keeping contact with her eyes, with her soul.  Running into her betrotheds arms, Jessica all but throws herself to him, begging to be taken even before the vows are read.  With her beloved Benedict gone a year now it is time for Jessica to take care of business, planning to head back to the island and the plantation her husband had left to her.  Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would meet up with Alistair again or the power he held over her after 7 long years.  The power to make her weep with need and desire like he had done so briefly without a touch under the waning moon so long ago.

Alistair Caulfield had never gotten over the one woman who had captivated his heart so long ago despite their very brief yet intimate interlude and the connection made despite never touching each other.  Now a successful merchant he had stayed away as much to be out of his father’s reach as to stay away from Lady Jessica.   When her brother in law asked his favor in keeping the widow safe on her journey he could neither say no nor submerge his desire to finally capture the woman of his dreams.  No other had captured his heart and no other could come closer than the Lady Jessica herself.

Taking a return trip back to the islands was not what he intended but it would give him the chance to see Jessica as she is now and attempt to win her over especially when he not only had purchased a berth on the ship she intended to sail on but owned that ship and others thanks to his determination to prove himself.  Jessica had never forgotten the passion that Alistair had stirred within her but the younger man had always been much too arrogant in his preening  for her to admit her notice even with her betrothal to a man who had captured her heart.  Tarley had once held her heart and admittedly a comfortable passion but it was nothing like the erotic intensity that Alistair ignited within her and a temptation that she could not deny.

Whew. This erotic historical delight was beyond what I was expecting when I opened the first pages.  I was absolutely enthralled in their arousing and exciting adventure that led them to opening up themselves to both passion and love like they had never found before.  A little danger, a lot of spice and a fantastically delicious helping of sexy sensual interludes combine to deliver one of the best historical reads I have read this year.  I loved their interactions, their emotional bond and their intimate explorations as they give in to a connection that they had let simmer for 7 years before consummating it this exceptional read.

Note: I received this copy for review from Net Galley.  This is my honest opinion of the book.  (Free WorldWide Shipping)

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The Resurection!

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Wow…. its been a long time since I blogged in this space and although there are tons of reasons behind it I found that there are just as many behind bringing it back from the dead.  Its been a tough year for me and although there is a shiney light begging me to follow I thought maybe I needed to find a place to get out some nervous energy as I work toward my goal. 

If anyone follows me and makes the connections you all know that I have a little hobby that I love to do.  I make custom bookthongs using your photo or book cover as the focus of a crystal bead that I enamel, imbedding your precious forever.  I took it a bit further this year and made some badge bling for RT for a few lucky ladies and have been trying to think of ways to expand.  Step in a fellow hockey mom who through her job knows whats available for the workforce in opportunities.  NT loved my thongs.  She even wanted to purchase some to promote her workplace company which was awesome.  When I told her that I would love to do more, had some ideas I would love to have the money to expand into she gave me the nudge in the right direction.  Now I am working on prepping a business plan and if I jump through the right hoops I might be able to get some help in getting lift off for taking my hobby into a full time business opportunity.  With that I have been tinkering with keychains, buttons and other jewellry with enamelled embellishments and now I am working on hockey lace bracelets as well.  So many ideas and so little time since hockey season is upon us and I am back to ushering at the local OHL arena (Go Sting Go) and being in hockey mom mode as well. 

IN addition to this I am still reading non stop.  Reviewing is still a focus in my life with Bitten by Books, ARE and some other independant reviews for my own enjoyment.  With that said the previous entry in this blog is one that I especially love.  Lisa Renee Jones has been a fave of mine for a while and this book is absolutely top of the pile!  Please check out my review and comment.  I have hopes and plans to make sure my amazon reviews are all transferred over here and subsequent ones are loaded up as well.   I hope you all enjoy!

On a personal note this year has been full of ups and downs with the most important day of the year being April 8th, Easter Sunday when my healthy, no previous symptom, father fell into his breakfast with a massive heart attack.  This being days before I was going to head off on the train to Chicago for RT12 totally threw my life in a different direction.  I won’t get into a lot of detail but as per what he would have wanted I went on my trip, got on the train and opened my ereader to a new Donna Grant book and found the hero named Hugh….. Hugh was my dad’s name and since I have not heard of too many hero’s named such I knew it was a sign that I needed to go.  Needed to find comfort with some friends that I might only have limited contact with but have been there to support me along my way.  I especially found the hugs and support from Cassandra Carr, Daisy Harris, Donna Grant, Lisa REnee Jones, Diego Harrison and Caridad Pineiro to be more than helpful in my acceptance.  This weekend I have to revisit some of that pain when they plant a tree that was bought in my dad’s name in the local conservation area so I will have to draw on that support again and I know it is there whenever I need it.

Going to leave it at that for todays entry….. have loads more to say (hey I never even got into the lockout and that weasel Gary Bettman yet) and there will be lots more reviews to be posted as well.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!  Hugs!


Shell the Hockeyvamp


If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

5/5 Hockey Styxx

I have always been a fan of a well written erotic novel and the deeper the author gets into the psyche of the characters the better.  I love the intensity and in many times the originality of the passion that the characters share on the pages which more times than not inspire some very intimate and arousing day dreams.  Yes.  I jumped along with the billions of others who picked up and read Shades but to be honest whether that was plain curiosity or pressure from the hype I will never know for sure.  I had heard about the “knock-offs” and rolled my eyes when most of them came up day after day in hopes of catching a piece of the pie.  With the exception of one other book, I stayed away from them until I heard the rumblings of yet another that’s intensity was reputed would blow me away.  The fact that If I Were You was written by an author I already love made it easy to take the next step and try it out.  Another was that she got her idea from an actual locker find was even more intriguing.  Was I disappointed? Well only with the ending (at 2 am I was left begging for more).  I was more than blown away with this book.  Erotic, decadent, delicious, tempting, teasing, and pleasurable are no- where near the level of intensity this book delivers.  It awakened my senses as I flipped from page to page on my reader, keeping me on the edge as if I too were subbing for the sexual demands of Chris Merit and craving the peak he could so expertly evoke.

Teacher Sara McMillan finds herself wrapped up in a mysterious journal that her neighbor found while clearing out a storage locker she had bought at an auction. A journal documenting a woman’s deepest secrets as she submits to her lovers orders despite her silent plea to find the strength to deny some of his more decadent and degrading demands.  Dying to find out what exactly happened to Rebecca, the author, Sara steps in to a world she had left behind years ago.  A world of art, money, and a world that she still craved to be a part of on some level.  Her art degree brings her to the attention of not only the owner of the gallery but to a very sinfully delicious artist who finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame.  Finding herself equally captivated by Chris Merit’s sinful bad-boy artist appeal, Sara soon finds more questions than answers as she seems to be mimicking Rebecca’s life.  A life where she has left a job and a vacant apartment behind and a mysterious bond to Sara’s new journey in her own life as she seems to be following in Rebecca’s footsteps.

Touted as a cross between Shades and Basic Instinct this book delivers what it promises.  I fell in love with Chris I think even before Sara did.  I love a bad-boy who balks at the expected and the man who can order a Corona and wear  jeans and leather at a gallery opening has what I am looking for in spades.  Sara is very complicated but I really felt her emotions as she opens up to Chris about her past and she confesses to him about the real reason she was there to walk into his life that night.  She is smart, a little sassy and is not cow-towed by the man she allows to dominate her sexual needs.  Their passion and their connection is very evident throughout as their lives twist and twine together in this fast paced tale.  I am hooked on the mystery of Rebecca’s disappearance and throughout I was continually putting together scenarios in my head that would answer the questions of her disappearance left.   If there is one sequel I am looking forward to later this year or early next it will be this one.

If I Were YouThis is the original self published cover.  If you are lucky enough to find this in print it will be a keeper.

New links to buy the rerelease are:

At this time because of the new publisher the original copy is out of stock at I will update when it is available

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If I Were You

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If I Were You

I can’t say enough about this book and am excited about Lisa’s sale of her phenominal indie book to Simon and Schuester (Gallery)!

ReRelease of If I Were You

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ReRelease of If I Were You

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to read and review this amazing book by Lisa Renee Jones and now even more people will get the opportunity to read this one with its rerelease thanks to its purchase by a major player that will help give it the support it needs to make it number one!  Check out the blurb on Amazon and hit buy it now!!!