If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Book Reviews, Books, reads
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If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

5/5 Hockey Styxx

I have always been a fan of a well written erotic novel and the deeper the author gets into the psyche of the characters the better.  I love the intensity and in many times the originality of the passion that the characters share on the pages which more times than not inspire some very intimate and arousing day dreams.  Yes.  I jumped along with the billions of others who picked up and read Shades but to be honest whether that was plain curiosity or pressure from the hype I will never know for sure.  I had heard about the “knock-offs” and rolled my eyes when most of them came up day after day in hopes of catching a piece of the pie.  With the exception of one other book, I stayed away from them until I heard the rumblings of yet another that’s intensity was reputed would blow me away.  The fact that If I Were You was written by an author I already love made it easy to take the next step and try it out.  Another was that she got her idea from an actual locker find was even more intriguing.  Was I disappointed? Well only with the ending (at 2 am I was left begging for more).  I was more than blown away with this book.  Erotic, decadent, delicious, tempting, teasing, and pleasurable are no- where near the level of intensity this book delivers.  It awakened my senses as I flipped from page to page on my reader, keeping me on the edge as if I too were subbing for the sexual demands of Chris Merit and craving the peak he could so expertly evoke.

Teacher Sara McMillan finds herself wrapped up in a mysterious journal that her neighbor found while clearing out a storage locker she had bought at an auction. A journal documenting a woman’s deepest secrets as she submits to her lovers orders despite her silent plea to find the strength to deny some of his more decadent and degrading demands.  Dying to find out what exactly happened to Rebecca, the author, Sara steps in to a world she had left behind years ago.  A world of art, money, and a world that she still craved to be a part of on some level.  Her art degree brings her to the attention of not only the owner of the gallery but to a very sinfully delicious artist who finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame.  Finding herself equally captivated by Chris Merit’s sinful bad-boy artist appeal, Sara soon finds more questions than answers as she seems to be mimicking Rebecca’s life.  A life where she has left a job and a vacant apartment behind and a mysterious bond to Sara’s new journey in her own life as she seems to be following in Rebecca’s footsteps.

Touted as a cross between Shades and Basic Instinct this book delivers what it promises.  I fell in love with Chris I think even before Sara did.  I love a bad-boy who balks at the expected and the man who can order a Corona and wear  jeans and leather at a gallery opening has what I am looking for in spades.  Sara is very complicated but I really felt her emotions as she opens up to Chris about her past and she confesses to him about the real reason she was there to walk into his life that night.  She is smart, a little sassy and is not cow-towed by the man she allows to dominate her sexual needs.  Their passion and their connection is very evident throughout as their lives twist and twine together in this fast paced tale.  I am hooked on the mystery of Rebecca’s disappearance and throughout I was continually putting together scenarios in my head that would answer the questions of her disappearance left.   If there is one sequel I am looking forward to later this year or early next it will be this one.

If I Were YouThis is the original self published cover.  If you are lucky enough to find this in print it will be a keeper.

New links to buy the rerelease are:

At this time because of the new publisher the original copy is out of stock at BookDepository.com I will update when it is available

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