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OK I made a decision tonight and I am hoping to get some help from my friends.  I am going to take part in the National November Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.  Hoping to write a full novel in the month of November.  I have never pushed myself to finish either of the novels I started and am hoping to finish the first book in a series I have been thinking about for years.  Lets just say that my idea includes not one but two of my favorite things and I hope I can pull it off.  Not that I am not busy enough but who knows.

Here are the inspirations for my leads…. what do you think????

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Kat Denning is my heroine…. if you are not familiar with her …. why the heck not????  She is one of the two leads in 2 Broke Girls.  One of my favorite sitcoms on today!

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And here is my hero…. he might not be familiar to some of you but believe me when you see him you won’t forget him.  Xander (who’s stage name fits my character to a tee) is a man of many facets.  Adult film star. super hero and rock star are but two of them but I am ready to use him in another way.

Crossing fingers that this will work out!  Cheer me on if you have the time to spare!

OK had to add this….. tweeted my intentions to use Xander as my model for my male lead and ….. He tweeted back!!!

Xander Corvus‏@XCorvus77732m

Will i have Dark Superpowers? @Hockeyvamp

Of course I told him he would have super powers…..!!!  This must be my sign that it is meant to be!  How many other authors to be get a shout back from their muse?

Hey Everyone.  I have been out today and see a little bit of destruction but not as much in this area as they predicted.  Myself other than a fence gate that is hanging on one hinge instead of four and a leaky roof we were pretty lucky.  And unlike a few places in town we kept our hydro throughout the night.  Although because of said leaky roof I spent the night on the futon in the living room instead of my bed because the drip drop drip was driving me mad since the leak was in my room.  I have seen and heard of the destruction that happened along the East coast and am praying for my internetz friends and their families along with everyone else that they find a place to stay safe and dry while the dredges of this storm pass through and they can find a way out from under the water battering their homes and vehicles.

With that mess behind us we have to look towards tomorrows big event night.  Nothing major is planned here this year as my youngest is at school and instead of taking him trick or treating in a strange neighborhood near his school I think we are going to go see a movie.  What movies are you looking forward too?  I think we are going to see Fun Size…. I admit I like Victoria Justice and am looking forward to it.  Thinking it will be reminicent of Christina Applegate and the baby sitting one from years ago.  Cadet Kid is dressing up for school as Van Helsing…. pretty cool and I am totes stealing his crossbow nerf gun for RT if I manage to get to go this year.


A little treat for you all!  Not quite what Cadet Kid has arranged but he will totally be a great slayer.

Taking it easy though tonight…. don’t think we have anything to worry too much about Devils Night here.  If I had put Halloween decorations out they would have blown away last night anyway.  Taking time for the injections in my shoulder for my chronic pain to settle in then tomorrow I have an appointment for an ionic footbath on my way to pick up my son.  Should be an awesome treat for me.  Stay safe and keep dry peoples!

Just getting back in to the swing of things after a weekend away to watch HockeyBoy play a tournament in Kincardine Ontario.  I must say that the boys took their up hill fight to find some “W’s” in stride and put up a great effort and delivered some exciting hockey.  Game night one saw us up against the home team,  not so much fun when all the calls were one sided and the hometown crowd and in fact the announcing were only seeing orange as well.  I have to say that as a tournament they really showed no respect for anyone paying the big bux to come and take part in an event that made money for their club.  The home team was the ONLY team that got music played for during their games and the use of the air horn…. which were banned for anyone else entering the building.  As it was the Petrolia team, after a Friday night full of bonding adventures, came out strong and won back to back games on Saturday giving them a birth in the B finals the next afternoon.  Sunday came in cold and damp as the weather started showing the potential of its strength as the edges of Sandy made its way to the shores of the lake.  Not ready to go down without swinging, the Ptown boys fought hard and came out of an end to end battle with a 2-2 tie forcing not one but two overtimes to decide it on a wraparound that slid underneath our very weary goalie.  In all they played pretty damn good hockey for going in to the tournament with two forwards sitting out leaving them with only 12 total skaters and in the final OT’s with only 11 on the bench.

In addition to the games I did manage to find the new location of a used book store I remember going to a long time ago and having a great conversation with the owner about my obsession.  🙂  If you are in Kincardine take a look for Condor Fine Books up on Queen St.  or check them out at I was also happy to find a quirky dollar store that had a great selection of nail polish that I tried out on the Saturday and went back to stock up with on Sunday before the game.



Sharing Hailey by Samantha Ann King

4 Hockeystyxxx

Hailey Anderson had been in love with her brothers’ best friends forever but she could neither choose between the two or let one or both of them go from her life.  Even though she had dreamed of being more than a “kid sister” to them for years she could not stop herself from wanting both men.  Mark Allen and Tony Adamo had waited for Hailey while she stumbled in and out of relationships and inevitably came to them each time they fell apart.  Waiting forever it seemed for her to step up and make a choice between the two, they had both loved her for far too long to wait any longer.  This last breakup only pushed them further especially when the man threatened her.  They had had enough and they were going to make her see that she needed to make a decision because two men who loved her were through waiting.  They couldn’t chose and if she didn’t well then they would just share.

The problem is they had neither Tony nor Mark had any idea it was going to truly be a threesome relationship.  Shocking both of them as much as they had ever been with the level of intimacy between themselves when they found pleasure in her bed.  Daniel, her ex, isn’t finished though and his attacks are escalating but with bringing the cops in on it there are some questions that need to be answered.  When they are forced to extremes to protect themselves they must find a way to deal with the aftermath, face the truth of their relationship and re-evaluate the connection that they share.

This book brought the heat.  I was totally wrapped up in this story and screaming for more!  I loved their intimacy, feeling the emotion as they explored their feelings for each other and struggled to make sense out of their hearts craving for a more permanent connection between the three that they had never entertained before.  I wanted more of the Mark and Tony explorations but my one disappointment was that I was left hanging in that department with only a taste to whet my appetite instead of a grand buffet of M/M/F  intimacies.  If you want to explore this genre a little further and are just testing the waters it is a delicious choice for biting into a ménage for the first time and one that kept an open to anything reader like me captivated as well.

I received an ebook copy through Net Galley from the publisher, Carina Press, for my unbiased review.

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Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

5 Hockeystyxxx

King Alexander II sent a decree to Lairds Armstrong and Montgomery that neither clan could ignore. There would be a wedding and his most valued supporters would have to put their hatred towards each other aside as they would join their families as soon as possible putting all their animosity in the past. Graeme Montgomery could not believe that his line would now end with him after the King had ordered him to take the daft woman to be his bride. What could come of a union with a woman who was sheltered because of her infirmary?

Eveline Armstrong had lost her hearing after a fall escaping a wedding to a man who was adept at hiding his true self to even her own family. A man with two faces. The loving, caring ‘husband to be’ and nobleman to everyone else; and the torturing, vile, lecherous man to his bride. Losing the use of her voice was altogether another problem. What started out as her taking time to recuperate ended up as the only way out of a marriage from hell. At the Montgomery keep Eveline soon has an ally in her sister in law, Rorie. Her secret now in danger of being revealed she needs to find a way to tell her husband that she is not daft but scared of Ian McHugh and the life she needed to escape.

Eveline finds her way into the hearts of the new clan but not before she slaves herself causing irreparable rifts between the Laird and the women of the castle. Realizing their mistake too late when she is betrayed and kidnapped and it will take a true truce and merging of the two enemies to defeat the kidnapper and save Eveline from the fate awaiting her.

Maya Banks never disappoints. Picking up a thrilling contemporary, an erotic historical or a sexy highland escape that has Ms. Bank’s name on the cover always delivers a story that will wrap you up in emotion, titillate your senses and have you scouring for more as soon as they book is back on the nightstand. Needless to say book hangovers are pretty much a given when I pick up her books and this one did not disappoint. Graeme and Eveline’s story was all of what I said above and more. Eveline was a strong and brave heroine who had to find a way to survive, giving up a connection that she once shared with her family and with the horses she loved to protect herself from the threat that hung over her life. Graeme is a gruff and battle scarred warrior but he opens his heart to the woman he is forced to wed and soon finds himself captivated by the beauty that his silent but determined wife by his side. I hate to be cliché but I cannot wait for more highland tales from Ms. Banks and am positive that it will prove to be another delicious escape.

I received an ebook copy of this book for my honest review through Net Galley from the publisher Random House Publishing

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4.5 Hockeystyxxx

Kissed by a Vampire by Caridad Pineiro

Alex Garcia had opened his eyes to see a beautiful woman beside him and his ex being held in the arms of another man before succumbing to the haze of pain after being shot. The undercover agent had to have been hallucinating anyway because the woman, no matter that she was beyond beautiful, had the fangs of a vampire peeking out from her luscious lips as she leaned over his still body. She still visited him in his dreams and there was no way he could allow his shrink to know about this especially if he wanted to go back undercover and get off desk duty and back to the streets working for the DEA.
Stacia loved her life as a 2000 year old vampire elder. She had strength, prowess and the ability to control others mentally especially those she had bitten or gifted with her vampire kiss. Moving to Miami to get away from the mess in Manhattan was for the best. No one knew her there and she could find lots of treats to keep her satisfied both in bed and with her other hungers here in the hot Florida playground.
Something about the man in the bar was different than any other she had used her powers on before and he was familiar to her as well. He challenged her, he provoked her and he stirred a desire that no other was able to satisfy. Alex could not believe that the demon haunting his dreams was the same woman stirring a desire he could not get out of his system. Working undercover to flush out those involved with the disappearance of his friends’ daughter and a possible white slavery ring, Alex is distracted by Stacia and frustrated by the lack of leads in the case. Giving in to their desires might satisfy an immediate hunger for both but if they look to find the truth they will realize that there is more to their connection then they ever imagined.
Sweaty, hot and steamy might describe the weather in this book but in this case it covers the intense chemistry and passionate love making of the sexy DEA undercover officer and his vampire lover. Alex is beyond delicious and smoking hawt. I, like Stacia, just wanted to take a bite. Oh and “sigh” he bites back. I slotted a big part of my day for this book because, as expected, I could not put it down. I love Caridad’s books. Her characters are so real and their emotions jump from the pages as you are wrapped up in their passions and their determination to “right the wrongs” they are fighting for. Stacia was not a heroine that I wanted to like in the beginning, in fact I was sure I would be solid in my opinion and still think she was a she-witch in the end but even she crept under my radar and made me root for her in the end. The Nocturne line is one I always try to find time for in my monthly reads and this one did not disappoint!

I received an ebook copy of this title from the publisher for my honest review. I also won the print copy from Ms. Pineiro. Thank you to both.

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Its been a hella busy week here getting into hockey season full swing both working the games at the RBC and my sons hockey games so I am a little behind in getting some new reviews posted. As well I did a “test run” with my new products at this weekends hockey mom sale in conjunction with our local hockey’s 50th anniversary. The SKATELETS were a hit with the young kids and so were the necklaces so I think I will make them both a permanent item for sale. The market research aspect of this weekend will hopefully give me the impetus to get the business plan finalized this week and submitted. Cross fingers.

As for the reviews I have loads of notes ready to write up and am expecting by the weekend there will be new books listed for you to check out. Net Galley has been very good to me with two major publishers putting me on their preapproved list recently. What that means is that I will hopefully be able to bring you a wider selection of books to review. Yay!

Please check back in on the weekend to see what is new. Have mom duties that are extensive this week including several 1 hour drives to London which is pulling me away a little more than I had planned this week. Thanks for stopping by…. next time bring a friend…. I might even bring myself to finally vocalize my displeasure with a certain bald cretin who has ruined my sport for me once again. 🙂


4.5/5 Hockey Styxx

Watch Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Stepping Up Series

Meagan Tippan is more than just the producer of a reality dance show, America’s Stepping Up.  It’s her baby and the last chance to prove to everyone, including herself, that she has what it takes and is worth the risk.  One that proved even riskier since the series of mishaps began on set causing rumors to swell and consume the entire cast and crew as well as the media who had glammed on to the news.

Samuel Kellar, head of security, knew Meagan was the kind of woman who could hold her own in almost any situation but things were quickly getting out of hand with the “accidents” and it was his job to get involved and flush out who or what was behind them.  Even if it meant getting closer to Meg than he had expected.  Call it a bonus.

Meagan had a passion for dancing that an injury put on permanent hold but nothing compared to the one which forced Sam to resign from his Special Forces position.  She needed to focus on that passion and this project.  Not failing. And not getting involved with the sexy as sin head of security.  The studio was promoting the curse as a paranormal threat against the show but the danger is real and the danger of falling in love is even more so for Meagan when Sam steps in to flush out the real threat.  A threat to the show, to Meagan and to her very real connection to Sam’s heart.

Lisa Renee Jones is the Queen of taking every day “reality fiction” and creating captivating romantic escapes for her readers.  With her spin on “Storage Wars” as part of the base for If I Were You she created an erotic world of intrigue and emotional revelations for her characters.  In Watch Me, a spin off a reality dance show is the basis for a suspenseful romantic read that kept me entertained from cover to cover.  Sam and Meagan were both intriguing and sexy as hell as they finally give in to the instant chemistry that they had been denying for a while and let it lead them into both a relationship and a passionate love that they both shared.  I loved their banter and deliciously passionate and arousing path they take in finding out the truth about who is out to stop them from sharing a future together and making the show the success they both want it to be. (Free Shipping World Wide)

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I received a kindle copy of this book for an honest review.