Review: Kissed by a Vampire by Caridad Pineiro

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Book Reviews, Books, reads, Vampires
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4.5 Hockeystyxxx

Kissed by a Vampire by Caridad Pineiro

Alex Garcia had opened his eyes to see a beautiful woman beside him and his ex being held in the arms of another man before succumbing to the haze of pain after being shot. The undercover agent had to have been hallucinating anyway because the woman, no matter that she was beyond beautiful, had the fangs of a vampire peeking out from her luscious lips as she leaned over his still body. She still visited him in his dreams and there was no way he could allow his shrink to know about this especially if he wanted to go back undercover and get off desk duty and back to the streets working for the DEA.
Stacia loved her life as a 2000 year old vampire elder. She had strength, prowess and the ability to control others mentally especially those she had bitten or gifted with her vampire kiss. Moving to Miami to get away from the mess in Manhattan was for the best. No one knew her there and she could find lots of treats to keep her satisfied both in bed and with her other hungers here in the hot Florida playground.
Something about the man in the bar was different than any other she had used her powers on before and he was familiar to her as well. He challenged her, he provoked her and he stirred a desire that no other was able to satisfy. Alex could not believe that the demon haunting his dreams was the same woman stirring a desire he could not get out of his system. Working undercover to flush out those involved with the disappearance of his friends’ daughter and a possible white slavery ring, Alex is distracted by Stacia and frustrated by the lack of leads in the case. Giving in to their desires might satisfy an immediate hunger for both but if they look to find the truth they will realize that there is more to their connection then they ever imagined.
Sweaty, hot and steamy might describe the weather in this book but in this case it covers the intense chemistry and passionate love making of the sexy DEA undercover officer and his vampire lover. Alex is beyond delicious and smoking hawt. I, like Stacia, just wanted to take a bite. Oh and “sigh” he bites back. I slotted a big part of my day for this book because, as expected, I could not put it down. I love Caridad’s books. Her characters are so real and their emotions jump from the pages as you are wrapped up in their passions and their determination to “right the wrongs” they are fighting for. Stacia was not a heroine that I wanted to like in the beginning, in fact I was sure I would be solid in my opinion and still think she was a she-witch in the end but even she crept under my radar and made me root for her in the end. The Nocturne line is one I always try to find time for in my monthly reads and this one did not disappoint!

I received an ebook copy of this title from the publisher for my honest review. I also won the print copy from Ms. Pineiro. Thank you to both.

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