On the Road for more Hockey

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Daily Musings, Hockey Game recap

Just getting back in to the swing of things after a weekend away to watch HockeyBoy play a tournament in Kincardine Ontario.  I must say that the boys took their up hill fight to find some “W’s” in stride and put up a great effort and delivered some exciting hockey.  Game night one saw us up against the home team,  not so much fun when all the calls were one sided and the hometown crowd and in fact the announcing were only seeing orange as well.  I have to say that as a tournament they really showed no respect for anyone paying the big bux to come and take part in an event that made money for their club.  The home team was the ONLY team that got music played for during their games and the use of the air horn…. which were banned for anyone else entering the building.  As it was the Petrolia team, after a Friday night full of bonding adventures, came out strong and won back to back games on Saturday giving them a birth in the B finals the next afternoon.  Sunday came in cold and damp as the weather started showing the potential of its strength as the edges of Sandy made its way to the shores of the lake.  Not ready to go down without swinging, the Ptown boys fought hard and came out of an end to end battle with a 2-2 tie forcing not one but two overtimes to decide it on a wraparound that slid underneath our very weary goalie.  In all they played pretty damn good hockey for going in to the tournament with two forwards sitting out leaving them with only 12 total skaters and in the final OT’s with only 11 on the bench.

In addition to the games I did manage to find the new location of a used book store I remember going to a long time ago and having a great conversation with the owner about my obsession.  🙂  If you are in Kincardine take a look for Condor Fine Books up on Queen St.  or check them out at www.condorfinebooks.com I was also happy to find a quirky dollar store that had a great selection of nail polish that I tried out on the Saturday and went back to stock up with on Sunday before the game.




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