Frankenstorm…. were you drowned or passed over?

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey Everyone.  I have been out today and see a little bit of destruction but not as much in this area as they predicted.  Myself other than a fence gate that is hanging on one hinge instead of four and a leaky roof we were pretty lucky.  And unlike a few places in town we kept our hydro throughout the night.  Although because of said leaky roof I spent the night on the futon in the living room instead of my bed because the drip drop drip was driving me mad since the leak was in my room.  I have seen and heard of the destruction that happened along the East coast and am praying for my internetz friends and their families along with everyone else that they find a place to stay safe and dry while the dredges of this storm pass through and they can find a way out from under the water battering their homes and vehicles.

With that mess behind us we have to look towards tomorrows big event night.  Nothing major is planned here this year as my youngest is at school and instead of taking him trick or treating in a strange neighborhood near his school I think we are going to go see a movie.  What movies are you looking forward too?  I think we are going to see Fun Size…. I admit I like Victoria Justice and am looking forward to it.  Thinking it will be reminicent of Christina Applegate and the baby sitting one from years ago.  Cadet Kid is dressing up for school as Van Helsing…. pretty cool and I am totes stealing his crossbow nerf gun for RT if I manage to get to go this year.


A little treat for you all!  Not quite what Cadet Kid has arranged but he will totally be a great slayer.

Taking it easy though tonight…. don’t think we have anything to worry too much about Devils Night here.  If I had put Halloween decorations out they would have blown away last night anyway.  Taking time for the injections in my shoulder for my chronic pain to settle in then tomorrow I have an appointment for an ionic footbath on my way to pick up my son.  Should be an awesome treat for me.  Stay safe and keep dry peoples!

  1. Charles Benson says:

    Hey Shelly;We were passed over from the storm. A little windy but no power outs etc. I guess Dave has his work cut out for him to fix the leaks. We put together a great package of survival stuff for Carol’s group home. Ours at home is always intact.It sounds like the cadet kid is doing well. I think of his intelligence as great.Take care, say hi to everyone.Bob Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 22:04:58 +0000 To:

    • Hockeyvamp says:

      LOL yep he is a smart one. Knows all the tricks… I wonder who taught him? Hope he can get at it tomorrow… had to leak when he just started day shifts. Big bucket is catching it so far…. crosses fingers.

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