NaNoWriMo Jumping in with Both Feet

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Daily Musings, NaNoWriMo
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OK I made a decision tonight and I am hoping to get some help from my friends.  I am going to take part in the National November Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.  Hoping to write a full novel in the month of November.  I have never pushed myself to finish either of the novels I started and am hoping to finish the first book in a series I have been thinking about for years.  Lets just say that my idea includes not one but two of my favorite things and I hope I can pull it off.  Not that I am not busy enough but who knows.

Here are the inspirations for my leads…. what do you think????

Pinned Image

Kat Denning is my heroine…. if you are not familiar with her …. why the heck not????  She is one of the two leads in 2 Broke Girls.  One of my favorite sitcoms on today!

Pinned Image

And here is my hero…. he might not be familiar to some of you but believe me when you see him you won’t forget him.  Xander (who’s stage name fits my character to a tee) is a man of many facets.  Adult film star. super hero and rock star are but two of them but I am ready to use him in another way.

Crossing fingers that this will work out!  Cheer me on if you have the time to spare!

OK had to add this….. tweeted my intentions to use Xander as my model for my male lead and ….. He tweeted back!!!

Xander Corvus‏@XCorvus77732m

Will i have Dark Superpowers? @Hockeyvamp

Of course I told him he would have super powers…..!!!  This must be my sign that it is meant to be!  How many other authors to be get a shout back from their muse?


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