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I am a WINNER!

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Books, Hockey, NaNoWriMo, Vampires
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As those who have subscribed to this blog know I am not only an avid reader and reviewer but I have recently took the GIANT leap into writing.  The book that has knocked around my head for over 2 years is MOSTLY out and typed out on a varied number of documents.  Taking advice from friends I saved in word, open office, drop box and google docs.  I think over the month there is over 15 different versions of it saved somewhere. In any case it is there, it is saved and hopefully it is good enough that someday someone will want to pay to read it.

I am not done however.  Sitting at almost 54K words, the story is not finished.  I still have at least one more hurdle for my characters to deal with but I kinda know what is going to happen.  What I didn’t know would happen along the way was the way the characters took control of the story and did what they wanted.  They were a lot more amorous than I thought at first.  Humping like bunnies might come to mind and not always behind closed doors. I have had a lot of support throughout this process and am already thinking of book two and maybe three…. crosses fingers. I found a photo that sums this up but unfortunately I do not have permissions to post but here is the link to where I tumbled  it…. I think it suits my book perfect!

I am posting the one and only excerpt here now…. please let me know if you like it!  Comment, like…. anything!!!!

Excerpt from Give Blood: Play Hockey

“What do you mean you told her about me? Dammit Larouche, why the hell did you use me as an example?” Xander loudly whispered while kneeling beside the chair that the woman from the hall earlier was currently slumped down in. Her skirt rising above the knee and revealing the tops of a pair of sexy as sin stockings attached to a pair of lacy garters and a glimpse of some equally lacy panties.

Phillipe sighed, shaking Xander out of his daydream, “Don’t worry Nik, I am sure she will come around and accept my offer when she comes to. She was the best candidate for the job so far and I don’t want her to get away.” Phillipe put his hand on Xander’s shoulder, “damn it I thought bringing a human onto the staff would be a bit easier than this.”

Maddie heard the voices arguing as she slowly regained consciousness. One deliciously familiar one with a slight Russian accent with a rasp that was beyond sexy and one that should ring a bell with a distinct French slant to it. What the hell happened? She never fainted. Her mother said it was because of her stout body (mother’s way in saying she was too fat to faint), her best friend said it was because if she ever did faint the fun bags would bounce her back up so fast no one would know she fainted anyway. Yeah they were on the plus side and according to most people in the world so was her waistline but hell in any case that was beside the point. She NEVER fainted. NEVER. So what the hell happened? She had been talking to Mr. Larouche, job interview going well then… Holy Crap! Xander Nikitin was a freeking vampire! OMG OMG OMG! And he was right here in the room with her. With Phillipe. Arguing about her. Cracking her eye open she had to confirm. Yep. He was there in all his sweaty sexiness sitting with his hand beside her knee head turned to argue with his boss. With the angle her head was at she could see he was a little under dressed. Damn he must have been in the middle of changing because all he had on were his hockey pants, socks and shin pads. Wow. The man even had sexy feet! How fair is that! Hold on. He wasn’t a man he was a vampire. You know Maddie. Blood sucking vampire!

“I think she is coming to. Ms. Avon? Are you OK. Can you open both your eyes and look at me?” Xander’s raspy voice begged her to return to face them.

Maddie peeped up at the most handsome man she had ever seen. Eyes that burned into her soul with one look, a colour so amazing she couldn’t even say which described them the best.  Light brown with a green hue and a golden aura washing over them.  “Erm. Is that safe?”

“What do you mean by safe Ms. Avon?” Xander questioned as he stood and handed her yet another of those deliciously cold water bottles.

“You won’t put me under your spell if I look into your eyes will you? I really want to be able to sit up right now and I want it to be under my own will,” Maddie said as she sheepishly smoothed her skirt down, realizing how much thigh she had to have been showing when Xander had been between her knees at her feet. Shit. How many times had she imagined that very thing? She sat upright in the chair she totally wanted to take home with her and calmed herself by rubbing her hands along the leather arms. Dang, a piece of office furniture should not be so comfortable.

“No Ms. Avon I am not in the habit of putting sexy young women under my hypnotic spell despite the way my kind has been perceived over the centuries,” Xander sighed. “I would like to talk to you further about what Phillipe not so smoothly spoke to you about earlier.”

“OK talk,” she said. Maddie had never thought much of the revelation about the paranormals before although in truth, it had explained a lot of questions she had about certain entertainers and a few other celebrities that were definitely not human. Never did she think about them playing sports let alone killing themselves to play her favorite game. Hehe, killing themselves she giggled to herself. She couldn’t give up so easy when it came to her dream though. Growing up with Holly’s brothers and seeing some of the horrors they had to deal with on the police and fire departments she knew that dangers and threats could come from humans just as much as they could come from paranormals. If truth be told, even more so at least in their area of the state. She looked up at Xander who was waiting for an answer and gave him a weak smile. “Tell me everything I need to know.”



Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

5 Hockeystyxxx

Angie Fox, author of the fan favorite Accidental Demon Slayer (Biker Witches) series, has come up with a fantastic new series that blends the paranormal with immortal gods and sets them in a war zone that recruits vampires, weres, demi-gods and humans with not so pure blood, to patch up the casualties of the war in a MASH unit.

Old gods vs. new gods are battling to the death with the souls of the humans both fighting to save the wounded and fighting the battles on the line as well as the entire human existence but there is a chance that the war could be stopped or at least slowed to a standstill if the Oracles predictions come true and the three steps to the prophecy come to pass.  Dr. Petra Robichaud had left behind her New Orleans home and had been patching up wounded in the 3063rd for a few years. Years that she knew she would never see her home or family again.  Low man in the OR, she is thrust into a complicated surgery that leads to her saving a particularly sexy immortal from certain death and possibly setting in motion the first of the Oracles prophecies. Having the demi-god war hero stick around came with a few perks that she didn’t mind but when they have to face a few life and death decisions if they are to complete the next two prophecies she is torn between saving humanity and saving the demi-god who had stolen her heart.

Commander Galen of Delphi should have been dead on the table from the bronze dagger that an unknown assailant had plunged into his side.  If not for the beautiful doctor he would have lost his immortal life to the cause.  Getting closer to the woman, thanks to a series of mysterious paperwork snafus, is a nice diversion for a man married to his military career but when he realizes her secret he must protect her and guide her towards a destiny prophesized by the Oracles.  Staying in camp he brings not only a few perks to those keeping their side alive but while protecting Petra and guiding her to their destiny he finds a connection that he had never imagined in immortal life.

Angie Fox makes me laugh out loud.  Her characters are always a combination of wit, brains, sex-on-a-stick, snark and totally addictive.  Petra is a strong and smart heroine, Galen is a gallant and sexy hero and the rest of the cast merge together to not only steal the show but give them the support they need to find a way through the chaos and crap thrown in their way.    Only Ms. Fox could come up with the premise of a MASH unit with for immortals run by the likes of a Drakkar smelling vampire with possible secrets about his sexuality, a werewolf how is so homesick for his family he adopt various creatures (aka dinosaurs) out of the tar swamp, a security guard sphinx and a Colonel that everyone in camp is trying to pull one over on in hopes of getting some R&R topside.  Petra and Galen’s path to find happiness was fun, frisky, sexy and a must read!  Grab this one now and pre-order the next one STAT!

I purchased this book from THE Bookdepository!  Please use the link below to order yours or click on my links for The Bookdepository on my sidebar to help support the vamp!  FYI the next book in the series was released this week!  Check out Immortally Embraced while you are putting this one in your cart.

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This month I decided to jump in and go for it.  This book in my head has been jumping around there for over two years and it was begging to be let out.  Little did I know it would actually come out in the form of a pretty good impression of a real book.  Nobody else had tried it, and I kinda had been waiting for someone else to do it so I wouldn’t have to put myself out there and try it myself, so I put fingers to keyboard and came up with the first in what I hope to be a series of paranormal hockey romance books.  I am not done yet.  There is almost a week left to go and I just crested the 43K today.  One of the things I found out is that I write best between 11pm and 3am.  Not too good if you care to get some sleep in your night… or day.  LOL  In any case it is coming along pretty good.  I gave it to three very talented beta readers at different points in the story and I think their comments helped me quite a bit as I edited and reformed my writing around their suggestions which were right on.  I am not going to give too many spoilers but here is the blurb I wrote the first day to describe my idea for the book.  I am proud to say it is pretty much still on the same track as I had planned.  In addition to their help with this book I have already been prompted to get moving on books two and three thanks to a couple of secondary characters who are demanding their stories too…… damn sometimes these heroes and heroines are a bit cranky when it comes to getting their piece of the fun.  Thanks Cassandra, Stacey and Marnie (THE DEMANDING ONE) for helping me along.

Here is my blurb…

Xander Nikitin has been playing the game he loves for his entire life and despite the acceptance of supernaturals by the human population the world has yet to find out that the PHL was not your ordinary hockey league. As the league begins its media blitz after their  “outing” he can finally make some changes in his life.  Changes that include exploring a few of the tempting morsels that come out to support the team; especially the curvy new PR assistant who makes him dream of a more permanent connection.
Maddie Avon had always wanted to be a part of a team but thanks to a mother who thought that girls should wear dresses and not jerseys she never had the chance to play.  With the perfect job opening up with the Phantoms, Maddie hopes to not only be a part of the team but get a little closer to the sexy players; especially the sexy as sin captain who spends an awful lot of time in her fantasies.




If you all go back and check out my review for If I Were You you will see that I think (along with many others) that this is one of the best books of the year.  What to read after 50 Shades?  I suggest you put 50 Shades aside and pick this one up instead.  Lisa has just announced that Being Me, the sequel, has been submitted to editors and that she is getting ready for the final book in the trilogy which will be titled Revealing Us.  I myself cannot wait and am praying that I can get approval for the arc.  Gets on her knees and begs!!!!!

Get all your Lisa Renee Jones updates here  There are several contests that she is running throughout the year in conjunction with this series along with so many of her other books.  There is also a special new announcement about the release of a serial of stories to fill in your time until the rerelease of If I Were You in March.  Just remember that it is available in ebook now and if you are lucky you might still find a few of the original prints in the wild.

Release dates are as follows for the new printing releases of the books.  Also feel free to use my Book Depository link at the side to help me out!

If I Were You  March 12

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Being Me  June 11

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Revealing Us  Sept 10

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Forbidden Desires Cover

Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin

4 Hockeystyxxx

Bella Massey loved hanging out with the ladies at the nursing home despite the knowledge that somehow the nonagenarians she loved were cheating regularly at their weekly poker games.  When the paramedics came through on a trial run she could only think of the naughty games she would rather play with the sexy man with the stethoscope instead.  She wanted to lick and nibble her way down to his ass among other things; which surprisingly or rather not so much surprisingly was a suggestion that the ladies were quick to suggest for their librarian friend.

Marcus Aiello hadn’t been looking to get involved with anyone after the disaster with his former fiancé but there was something about the sexy curvy woman playing cards with the seniors that he wasn’t ready to pass on.  And were those same seniors checking out his ass?  He was just getting his life back in order but he couldn’t pass up a chance to get to know her better even if it was just as a friend.

Getting involved with a woman who wanted to take charge WAS what he truly desired but especially after his last relationship and the blow up with his fiancé he needed to take baby steps and keep it on the down-low.  He knew what he wanted and despite the desire to submit he needed to take control at times too.  Finding a woman to fill both of those needs was going to be hard.  Switching between sub and Dom was where he was comfortable at but he wasn’t the only one with scars from a previous relationship that molded him.  Bella wanted to take a chance on Marcus but allowing another man to dominate her was more than she was ready for right now, maybe forever.  A life changing accident pushes Marcus into taking the next step but getting her to switch to a give and take relationship might break up his chances with Bella before they can discover the pleasures of a give and take relationship full of sexual pleasures and a shared love neither expected to find.

Wow.  This one was smoking hot.  Bella was adventurous, smart and sassy.  Marcus was sexy, strong and brave for following his desires to find the perfect woman for him.  I loved that this tied into another novella I recently read with a secret B(ondage) & B(reakfast) that catered to their lifestyle and the hint that more could come from this series.  I loved that the need for Marcus to be submissive was brought to life in such a compelling and interesting way. He was real.  He was this alpha on the outside but beta on the inside.  Bella was a wonderful character that worked past the scar tissue on her heart and found a way to make things work with Marcus that they both could accept.  Check this one out and pick up The Theory of Attraction from Carina Press for another couples visit to the fantasy B & B.

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Close Contact by Cassandra Carr Cristal Ryder and Cindy Carr

4 Hockeystyxxx

Serving Ace by Cassandra Carr

Callum Giovanni might still get to play the game that he had made a career out of but at least making some money teaching the wee brats from the country-club set.  Not that it made him feel any better when he had to watch guys he had beaten continue to play in the most prestigious tennis championships in the world.  The beautiful woman knew what she was doing on the court so he needed to find out exactly what she wanted him to teach her trying to ignore what certain body parts wanted to teach her to wait out her answer.

Adriana Macy knew who Cal Giovanni was and it wasn’t a coincidence that she was going to be his new student.  She knew more than the basics but if it meant getting closer to her fantasy man she would take the racket back up.  When he asked her outright what she wanted from his lessons she found it hard not to blush.  She wanted lessons from Cal alright but the lessons she desired were not necessarily on the court.

Playing Through by Cristal Ryder

Lexie was having a hard time keeping her hands off her sexy cowboy student but she had to keep it professional at least while giving golf lessons.  It was hard though when the man made her want to forget the game and play through with a very different kind of game.  The storm that came up on them fast left them scrambling for shelter and finding that the power of the rain and wind had nothing on the power of the connection they made in the caddie shack.

Jay Teller had wanted private lessons although his sexy coach was more than a little distracting.  Slowly taking over not only the driving of the cart but their dynamic he was moving her closer to where he wanted her if not for the storm approaching maybe he would get a hole in one today after all.  Driving the cart was only a start and when they had to snuggle under the shelter from the storm he was going to show her that he was a quick learner and teach her a few lessons of his own.

Up to the Hilt by Cindy Carr

Sebastian Como had gotten the details about his latest student before she walked in.  Impulsive, insubordinate, overly aggressive to name a few but they never told him how drop dead sexy she was.   And how hard it would be to keep himself from touching her with his blade and not the one he used in the Olympics.

Rina Rogers hoped that this latest instructor had the skill to teach her what she needed to know.  She was close to her dream of making it to the Olympics and she needed someone skilled enough to take her to the highest level.  Too bad looking at him made her think of taking him to bed instead of onto the mat.  She needed to hone her natural skill and Sebastian not only could teach her how to score the winning touch but could teach her to accept his touch like no one had ever done before.

I really enjoyed these three sports “heroes” and the way the authors found their “voices”.  Cal had that little bit of Scottish brogue, Jay had that cowboy drawl, and Sebastian with his sexy Italian accent and all three were down right drool worthy jocks in their own right.  Their daring partners knew what they wanted and went after it including taking a chance to find their pleasures in less than safe and secure locations.  Whether out in the open where anyone could come in or in a place that does not allow for total privacy; these ladies and their men take what they need from each other and scored points for individuality and intensity in winning the game of love.

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In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

4 Hockeystyxxx

Grace Santiago loves her job as Senator Kip Halloways aide, a man she has grown up idolizing since being raised under his roof.  The benefits she received from the education he had paid for, despite only being the maid’s daughter and not family, was something she could never fully repay except with her devotion to his campaign and his legacy.  Unfortunately the Senator was beginning to forget that he was in the public eye and things were not done the same as when he first took office decades ago.  His social blunders were going to make it hard to win this next election and keep his seat especially when Ethan Castle, the man that changed her life forever, was back in the district and working for the competition.  A man that wants answers and a second chance but can she give either and still stay true to herself and keep him safe from the scandal that was sure to surface if he knew the truth.

Ethan Castle had never understood what had happened with Grace that caused her to run from him and from completing her studies but he was not going anywhere until he solved the mystery of Grace Santiago.  She was hiding something and he had plans to figure it out even if he had to make a drastic sacrifice in his career to prove to her that he was not playing games this time.  He would prove to her that he would stand beside her and that he deserved her trust and maybe get her to open up and tell him why she abandoned not only her studies but him as well in the first place.

Blaine Halloway was not only Kip’s grandson he was Grace’s first and if she had her way and plans finally went her way he was going to be her last but definitely thanks to a fling in Law School he was not her only.  Ethan Castle had not only gotten under her skin, he had gotten her to take risks that she was still paying for years later.  Risks that she could never take, even with Blain, and ones that she could still make her hot with desire after seeing the sexy as hell CNN analyst at the local crab fest.  When Ethan decides to work for a sure loser just to stay close to Grace she begins to hope for a future but when Blaine has to hand the reigns of the campaign over to her she is thrust into the spotlight and has to put her plans with Ethan on hold.  Ethan wants Grace but he has to admit defeat when she pushes him aside once again for no apparent reason.  It will take a landslide change of opinion in the polls if these two hope to find a way to change the ballot to get them both on the same team.

On the eve of the American election this book will not only relieve a little tension over the choices you have to make in the morning but give you a laugh, an escape from the tensions of the day and arouse you while you take the time to escape for a few hours.  Grace is a strong and determined woman but she is loyal almost to a fault and not just to the man who signs her cheque but to the other men in her life.  The man who she visualizes as her future husband and the guy she fantasizes about when she closes her eyes.  Ethan is the sinful as hell alpha hero who puts aside his very lifestyle and possibly future for the one that got away.  The one that ran away without giving him the answers he deserved.  Their kink for exhibitionism is beyond sexy and definitely worth taking a break out of your day for.  A little tongue in cheek fun for your day!  Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

I received an ebook copy of this book for my unbiased review from the publisher Entangled Publishing from Net Galley. Please note that since the first posting of this review there has been an update on the cover art!  I love it.  The sexy guy in the bed is totally Ethan worthy.

Entangled Publishing:



OK I might be getting a little excited over a Rep league game but for a bunch of boys who have either lost by one goal or tied almost every game this season so far a win is a big thing.  Too bad it wasn’t a pretty thing.  The penaties were a bit one sided IMO and for our team.  The boys were down three forwards so a couple of call ups had to step in and help but they did get the job done.  Like I said it wasn’t pretty but it was a “W” so we will take it after last weekends B cup finalists maybe things are looking up.  Oh and HockeyBoy scored a nice one as well.

Its been a busy week and unfortunately no reviews have been getting done.  What have I been doing?  Well remember that NaNoWriMo thing?  Well I have embraced it over the last three days and have put up some pretty good numbers.  I am going to focus on that this week and getting my business proposal finished.  Right now I am at over 9200 in three days of writing so hopefully I can keep up the pace and get this done.  The idea for this novel has been in my head for two years.  Two years of coming up with ideas and scribbling them on a pad of paper or making an addition to the file “feeble attempt one” on my laptop.  This one though combines my two favorite genre’s: Hockey Romance and Vampires.  Yep the Hockeyvamp is writing a hockeyvamp book.  So far I have been told it doesn’t suck and I think you have something there.  I need to build on that and make them say it is amazeballs or wow that book is smoking hawt!

In between that this week I worked a Sting game, had an MRI on my shoulder again and drove to London to take Cadet Kid to see Hotel Transylvania which was really fun and a nice dry place to spend Halloween instead of out in the miserable rain and cold.  Coming up its going to be a busy week.  Cadet Kid is going to have a bunch of Rememberance Day services to do and Hockey Boy has an out of town game.  Then next weekend we are gearing up for more hockey, services and Cadet Kid taking part in the colour guard at the game and then our arena is hosting one of the OHL vs Russia games.  I cannot say how excited I am for this one.  Wow.  It’s going to be fun and I am going to be hella busy.  Please don’t forget about me if I am missing in action for a few days.  Give me some comments to reply to and maybe it will force me to come back and give you an update in between.  Possibly getting a few more reviews for you to enjoy in between.

Keep your stick on the ice!~

PS This post is dedicated to those powers that be that have stolen my pro hockey away from me this year.  You guys really suck!