Review: In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Book Reviews, Books
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In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

4 Hockeystyxxx

Grace Santiago loves her job as Senator Kip Halloways aide, a man she has grown up idolizing since being raised under his roof.  The benefits she received from the education he had paid for, despite only being the maid’s daughter and not family, was something she could never fully repay except with her devotion to his campaign and his legacy.  Unfortunately the Senator was beginning to forget that he was in the public eye and things were not done the same as when he first took office decades ago.  His social blunders were going to make it hard to win this next election and keep his seat especially when Ethan Castle, the man that changed her life forever, was back in the district and working for the competition.  A man that wants answers and a second chance but can she give either and still stay true to herself and keep him safe from the scandal that was sure to surface if he knew the truth.

Ethan Castle had never understood what had happened with Grace that caused her to run from him and from completing her studies but he was not going anywhere until he solved the mystery of Grace Santiago.  She was hiding something and he had plans to figure it out even if he had to make a drastic sacrifice in his career to prove to her that he was not playing games this time.  He would prove to her that he would stand beside her and that he deserved her trust and maybe get her to open up and tell him why she abandoned not only her studies but him as well in the first place.

Blaine Halloway was not only Kip’s grandson he was Grace’s first and if she had her way and plans finally went her way he was going to be her last but definitely thanks to a fling in Law School he was not her only.  Ethan Castle had not only gotten under her skin, he had gotten her to take risks that she was still paying for years later.  Risks that she could never take, even with Blain, and ones that she could still make her hot with desire after seeing the sexy as hell CNN analyst at the local crab fest.  When Ethan decides to work for a sure loser just to stay close to Grace she begins to hope for a future but when Blaine has to hand the reigns of the campaign over to her she is thrust into the spotlight and has to put her plans with Ethan on hold.  Ethan wants Grace but he has to admit defeat when she pushes him aside once again for no apparent reason.  It will take a landslide change of opinion in the polls if these two hope to find a way to change the ballot to get them both on the same team.

On the eve of the American election this book will not only relieve a little tension over the choices you have to make in the morning but give you a laugh, an escape from the tensions of the day and arouse you while you take the time to escape for a few hours.  Grace is a strong and determined woman but she is loyal almost to a fault and not just to the man who signs her cheque but to the other men in her life.  The man who she visualizes as her future husband and the guy she fantasizes about when she closes her eyes.  Ethan is the sinful as hell alpha hero who puts aside his very lifestyle and possibly future for the one that got away.  The one that ran away without giving him the answers he deserved.  Their kink for exhibitionism is beyond sexy and definitely worth taking a break out of your day for.  A little tongue in cheek fun for your day!  Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

I received an ebook copy of this book for my unbiased review from the publisher Entangled Publishing from Net Galley. Please note that since the first posting of this review there has been an update on the cover art!  I love it.  The sexy guy in the bed is totally Ethan worthy.

Entangled Publishing:




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