Review: Close Contact Anthology

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Book Reviews, Books, Reviews, Sports
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Close Contact by Cassandra Carr Cristal Ryder and Cindy Carr

4 Hockeystyxxx

Serving Ace by Cassandra Carr

Callum Giovanni might still get to play the game that he had made a career out of but at least making some money teaching the wee brats from the country-club set.  Not that it made him feel any better when he had to watch guys he had beaten continue to play in the most prestigious tennis championships in the world.  The beautiful woman knew what she was doing on the court so he needed to find out exactly what she wanted him to teach her trying to ignore what certain body parts wanted to teach her to wait out her answer.

Adriana Macy knew who Cal Giovanni was and it wasn’t a coincidence that she was going to be his new student.  She knew more than the basics but if it meant getting closer to her fantasy man she would take the racket back up.  When he asked her outright what she wanted from his lessons she found it hard not to blush.  She wanted lessons from Cal alright but the lessons she desired were not necessarily on the court.

Playing Through by Cristal Ryder

Lexie was having a hard time keeping her hands off her sexy cowboy student but she had to keep it professional at least while giving golf lessons.  It was hard though when the man made her want to forget the game and play through with a very different kind of game.  The storm that came up on them fast left them scrambling for shelter and finding that the power of the rain and wind had nothing on the power of the connection they made in the caddie shack.

Jay Teller had wanted private lessons although his sexy coach was more than a little distracting.  Slowly taking over not only the driving of the cart but their dynamic he was moving her closer to where he wanted her if not for the storm approaching maybe he would get a hole in one today after all.  Driving the cart was only a start and when they had to snuggle under the shelter from the storm he was going to show her that he was a quick learner and teach her a few lessons of his own.

Up to the Hilt by Cindy Carr

Sebastian Como had gotten the details about his latest student before she walked in.  Impulsive, insubordinate, overly aggressive to name a few but they never told him how drop dead sexy she was.   And how hard it would be to keep himself from touching her with his blade and not the one he used in the Olympics.

Rina Rogers hoped that this latest instructor had the skill to teach her what she needed to know.  She was close to her dream of making it to the Olympics and she needed someone skilled enough to take her to the highest level.  Too bad looking at him made her think of taking him to bed instead of onto the mat.  She needed to hone her natural skill and Sebastian not only could teach her how to score the winning touch but could teach her to accept his touch like no one had ever done before.

I really enjoyed these three sports “heroes” and the way the authors found their “voices”.  Cal had that little bit of Scottish brogue, Jay had that cowboy drawl, and Sebastian with his sexy Italian accent and all three were down right drool worthy jocks in their own right.  Their daring partners knew what they wanted and went after it including taking a chance to find their pleasures in less than safe and secure locations.  Whether out in the open where anyone could come in or in a place that does not allow for total privacy; these ladies and their men take what they need from each other and scored points for individuality and intensity in winning the game of love.

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