Review: Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Book Reviews, Books, Reviews
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Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

5 Hockeystyxxx

Angie Fox, author of the fan favorite Accidental Demon Slayer (Biker Witches) series, has come up with a fantastic new series that blends the paranormal with immortal gods and sets them in a war zone that recruits vampires, weres, demi-gods and humans with not so pure blood, to patch up the casualties of the war in a MASH unit.

Old gods vs. new gods are battling to the death with the souls of the humans both fighting to save the wounded and fighting the battles on the line as well as the entire human existence but there is a chance that the war could be stopped or at least slowed to a standstill if the Oracles predictions come true and the three steps to the prophecy come to pass.  Dr. Petra Robichaud had left behind her New Orleans home and had been patching up wounded in the 3063rd for a few years. Years that she knew she would never see her home or family again.  Low man in the OR, she is thrust into a complicated surgery that leads to her saving a particularly sexy immortal from certain death and possibly setting in motion the first of the Oracles prophecies. Having the demi-god war hero stick around came with a few perks that she didn’t mind but when they have to face a few life and death decisions if they are to complete the next two prophecies she is torn between saving humanity and saving the demi-god who had stolen her heart.

Commander Galen of Delphi should have been dead on the table from the bronze dagger that an unknown assailant had plunged into his side.  If not for the beautiful doctor he would have lost his immortal life to the cause.  Getting closer to the woman, thanks to a series of mysterious paperwork snafus, is a nice diversion for a man married to his military career but when he realizes her secret he must protect her and guide her towards a destiny prophesized by the Oracles.  Staying in camp he brings not only a few perks to those keeping their side alive but while protecting Petra and guiding her to their destiny he finds a connection that he had never imagined in immortal life.

Angie Fox makes me laugh out loud.  Her characters are always a combination of wit, brains, sex-on-a-stick, snark and totally addictive.  Petra is a strong and smart heroine, Galen is a gallant and sexy hero and the rest of the cast merge together to not only steal the show but give them the support they need to find a way through the chaos and crap thrown in their way.    Only Ms. Fox could come up with the premise of a MASH unit with for immortals run by the likes of a Drakkar smelling vampire with possible secrets about his sexuality, a werewolf how is so homesick for his family he adopt various creatures (aka dinosaurs) out of the tar swamp, a security guard sphinx and a Colonel that everyone in camp is trying to pull one over on in hopes of getting some R&R topside.  Petra and Galen’s path to find happiness was fun, frisky, sexy and a must read!  Grab this one now and pre-order the next one STAT!

I purchased this book from THE Bookdepository!  Please use the link below to order yours or click on my links for The Bookdepository on my sidebar to help support the vamp!  FYI the next book in the series was released this week!  Check out Immortally Embraced while you are putting this one in your cart.

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