Review: My Lord Immortality by Alexandra Ivy

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My Lord Immortality by Alexandra Ivy

NOTE: This review may contain spoilers.  Release date for this book is December 24 2012.

4 ½ Hockeystyxxx

Sebastian St. Ives could no longer stay quietly by the side of the maiden he was sent to protect.  Drake had upped the games and he now would have to stay visibly close to her if he was going to protect her from the evil that hunted her and the medallion around her neck.   He needed to protect her from the final renegade vampire but she was a distraction for the man who only wanted to finish his quest and return behind the veil with his books and studies.

Amelia Hadwell had left the promises of balls, and beaus behind to protect her brother William and stop their parents from locking him away forever.  The simple man might be big and strong but he had the heart and the mind of a child, loving nothing more than to spend the day with the children in the stews and playing with his cat and the litter of kittens left behind in the brambles.  William needed her help and was worth her sacrifice.

Her brother was going to be her downfall and Sebastian knew that Drake and whoever was hunting alongside of him would use him and every other chance they could get to get to Amelia.  He had to not only keep her safe but William and reluctantly the kittens too would become his guests as they hide out from the watch after a stranger alerted them to the fact that people resembling William and Amelia’s description were at the scene of a brutal killing and made sure evidence was left at the scene of another.   With Drake in league with a mysterious stranger who was powerful enough to get the drop on Sebastian, he needed to find a safe place for her to escape to but when Drake ups the odds he has no other choice when Amelia decides to sacrifice herself and the medallion for someone she loves.  The mysterious vampire Drake is in league with has laid his plans to lure Nefri out of her lair very well.  Knowing she hides near the maiden holding the final piece of the medallion, his attack on Sebastian does its work and brings her closer to where he can finally make his move and where his plans could prove to be the downfall of them all.  Sebastian will have to use every asset on hand if he hopes to save not only the woman he loves but her family and a woman whose downfall could prove disastrous for them all.

Another brilliant tale from Alexandra Ivy.  I love this vampire world and hate when the story ends and I have to wait for the next installment.   I loved Amelia and her feisty nature and very protective nature.  She is a very strong woman, willing to give up everything for someone she loves; she proves over and over that she is a survivor.  Sebastian is one hella sexy vampire!  The brave, smart, bookish vampire is perfect and Ms. Ivy is to be given mad props for bringing us such a delicious “geek” vampire to love.  Their story kept me on edge as I was pulled in to their dilemma and their plight as their unseen assailant continues to cause problems for them and for Nefri.  I can’t wait to see what is next!  This book was book three in the Immortal Rogues series.

This series was originally published by Debbie Raleigh, Alexandra’s name in another life.  I was given a review copy of this book by the publisher Kensington through Net Galley for my honest review.

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