Review: To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen Evans

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Book Reviews, Books, Reviews
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To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen Evans

Henry St. Giles, Earl of Cravenswood had watched as his two best friends and notorious rakes started their new lives besotted with their wives. Despite his reluctant acceptance to take on his brothers’ obligations he gives in to their taunts and accepts their challenge to find a soulmate or marry his beguiling neighbor.  He is happy with the bet until he meets a stranger in the garden and their union leaves him with only a desire to find this woman and claim her as his own and a single earring.   The lovely Lady Shipton would not be a hardship to spend his life with but there was something about the woman who filled his dreams and his hands so well.  Something very familiar as well.  Chesterton had not only taken his beloved mistress away from him he was being quite the overbearing cad with Lady Amy.  Creeperton as she called him should be thwarted in his attempt to take another beauty to his side, especially if Henry had something to do with it and it kept the beautiful Amy within his reach.

Lady Amy Shipton had almost given in to the pressure of the ton and her family and agreed to a marriage to a man who did not love her.   A man who was happily wed to a woman who had become a very good friend to her.  She would not enter lightly into another union like that but she wanted to taste what it would be like to be loved by such a man with all his heart.  A man like Henry St. Giles, the Sinful Saint.  Her neighbor had always had a place in her heart but she knew better than to let her kiss and touch her in the garden even if he wouldn’t remember it in the morning.  She would always remember how he held her after her father pawned her off on the vile Creeperton.   She would also remember how he called her by another name.  She knew he would do the right thing and had to find a way to keep her identity safe or lose everything to a man incapable of loving her but very capable of stealing her heart.

With the help of more than a few match makers, Henry and Amy both agree to escape the city for a house party but despite a growing bond there are a lot of variables mixing into their budding relationship that could either help or hinder their connection.  When a mistaken interaction again thwarts Henry’s attempt to find out the truth about Amy it stirs up more chaos but will they be able to work through it together or will it tear not only their budding relationship apart but a long standing friendship as well.

The ups and downs of this romantic escape as Henry does his best to find his own ‘Cinderella’ and Amy tries to keep him from finding out her true identity is magical.  The way they dance around their attraction is both romantic and hilarious as their interludes include both a search for an imaginary guinea pig and an unexpected voyeur to a very intimate and private situation.  I laughed out loud at their banter and the situations that they found themselves in.  A mix of mayhem, mischief and danger is thrown together in a very smart and captivating tale.  This is the third book in the series and I hope you will check it out along with the previous two in the series as you will want to see what Henry’s friends, and Amy too, have gone through to find their own soulmates and their Happily Ever After’s.

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  1. joytoread says:

    Enjoyed the review, and agree this is a must read series by Bronwen.

  2. Thanks you lovely ladies!

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