Rebecca’s Lost Journals…The Seduction by Lisa Renee Jones

Posted: January 28, 2013 in BDSM, Book Reviews, Books, Reviews
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Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Volume 1: The Seduction (INSIDE OUT TRILOGY)

Rebecca’s Lost Journals: The Seduction Volume 1 by Lisa Renee Jones

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This review is a little different.  The book I read is a little different.  That is it’s not really a book per se.  It is a journal.  The journal that started it all.  The journal of Rebecca Mason.  One of the journals that were found in an abandoned storage locker that was auctioned off and sent another woman off on the road to her own destiny in the book If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones.   This is the first of six journal volumes that are being released to let the readers get a glimpse into the world that Sara gets wrapped up into.  If you are patiently awaiting the release of the sequels to If I Were You or even holding out for the rerelease of the print of the book that combines the world of Storage Wars with the intrigue of  Basic Instinct these journals will give you an insight that will tweak your imagination and increase your demand for more of this world.


I want to tell you about Rebecca Mason today.  She has a talent with art but she was pursuing a different career.  That is she is a talent for recognizing art but she isn’t the greatest artist at least by her own admission.   I met her when she was our waitress, we became friends and despite giving up on her dreams a while ago I encouraged her to follow those dreams anyway.  Well, I hope we are friends after she finds out what I read in her diary. I hope she knows what she is doing and am wondering if I might want to investigate some more on the subject myself.  I mean there are some tasty bits…. Let me give you a glimpse of what I learned about Rebecca…..

Rebecca had a gift for art and a year after her mother had passed she had given up on her dreams.  Something made her take a step in a new direction; she walked into the gallery she dreamed of working at covering her uniform with her shabby coat and proceeded to put the snooty salesperson in her place.  She also found herself dumbstruck by the man who walked into the gallery.  His raw magnetism galvanized her to the spot until he asked her if she was there for the internship.  Bolting out of the place she thought she had gotten over the shock of being face to face with a man who shook her world with one look.  Plagued by nightmares about her dying mother and a run- away trolley, Rebecca doesn’t know what to think when her dreams soon begin to include the sexy stranger.  The stranger she needed to find.  Mark Compton, owner of Riptide, a famous auction house and gallery.  Her dream job and apparently her dream man.  After he tracked her down she begins a new life as intern but keeps her day job to pay the bills.

Mark totally scrambles her mind but a flirtatious friendship with the suave artist Ricco gains his respect and the hostility of her co-worker (the snobby one Mary).  Her new life and the attraction to Mark aside she couldn’t say no to hot banker guy Josh when he asks her out and comes with wine and a talent that many women would die to experience firsthand.  Nothing like having an over- abundance of admirers (lucky girl), Mark tells her he doesn’t share which sets off so many bells.  Oh and then, here comes the really good stuff…. Mark tells her he wants to Master her.  Even Josh’s talented tongue cannot get her to say no to him.  Apparently she was a natural sub and he WOULD Master her but she had never had a BDSM session before was it something she could do? Yes.  Yes she could and Mark masters her body and soul but now she had to make a decision.  When both Ricco and Josh send her flowers (again lucky girl) it makes her think about what her choices were.  Well that was until Mark makes his point in the limo waiting for her and gives her a contract.  Should she sign it or rip it up?  Rebecca decides that maybe a call to Dr. Kat will give her the answers she needs to find while Mark patiently awaits her decision.  Hopefully she can send her in the right direction.


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