Ellora’s Cave’s EC for Men Line Quickies

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Books, reads, Reviews, Sports
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Take Me at the Ball Game by Cassandra Carr

An EC for Men Quickie

4 Hockeystyxxx

JT Lovejoy had to scramble to make his deadline after the baseball team he covered for the local paper went into extra innings.  The tempting sight of the young intern in charge of handing out the lineups and stats before the game and generally being there for anything the reporters needed during the game made him happy she couldn’t see how hard she had him by just walking around the room.  Cockily telling her he wanted her might not be a great idea for his continued career but an old guy could hope and fantasize.  When Sydney went to her knees in front of him she blew more than his mind and during the following road trip it was hard to keep his mind on stats, strikes and home runs and what would happen the next time he took his seat in the media room.  Back on home turf, it was all he could do to keep his mind focused on the game especially with Sydney waiting on the men and the cocky young reporter nosing in to his space.  Getting caught with his pants down, JT deals with the threat and lets Syd know she is safe from the pricks machinations.  JT is prepared to go to the far wall to protect her but when Syd lets him know that she wants to stay in the game despite their interruption there is nothing that can keep him from going for the home run and hoping for many a late night turns at bat.

Hot.  Sizzling.  Naughty. This EC for Men Quickie is not for men only. It is short and sweet and sexy as hell. JT is an old dog reporter who can’t help himself from blurting out to the sexy intern that she was a part of his fantasy.  Sydney didn’t want a boyfriend or a boy for that matter.  She wanted a man with benefits and JT more than fulfilled that position.  Taking a risk at the ball park they find a way to feed both of their needs and when no one gets hurt they allow themselves to play a game that gives them both pleasures beyond their imaginations.







Taught by Jenna Owens

An EC for Men Quickie

4 Hockeystyxxx

Dr. Collins loved his job, especially in the Spring and Summer when his primarily female students were wearing less and less to deal with the heat of the season, leaving more than a full view of their assets and loads of opportunity to indulge in his fantasies of pleasuring them all.  Elizabeth was one fantasy that was more vivid than the rest and when the final bell rang he knew that once in his office he was going to take advantage of some private time alone.  Never did he expect to look up and see the vision in his mind in front of him and when she demands to see what he is up to he takes his chance at ever getting tenure in his hands and allows her to add fuel to his imagination and lend a hand.  When Elizabeth gives him a taste and promises more but can he take a chance that he will pass her test and give him memories to last throughout the summer until the next semester brings in a new class of ladies looking for a professor to teach them everything he knows.

I enjoyed this little novella despite not being anywhere near the target audience that the author and publisher had intended.  As a book in the Ellora’s Cave for Men series it more than delivers a sexy, sinful, naughty fantasy for men but I found it all of the above and a very entertaining and well written read.  Dr. Collins is not your typical hero, in fact he is probably not the best depiction of an educator but as fantasy goes it totally hits its mark.  Come on, who hasn’t one time or another fantasized about having their way with a sexy teacher that every girl in the class wants a piece of.






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