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The Reluctant Wife by Bronwen Evans

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Dante Lombardi knew his estranged wife had no other choice than to ask him for help in paying for her Grandmother’s surgery.   His antics aside, trying to make her jealous, he had never wanted his runaway wife more.  She was more than he had ever expected in a wife.  She was smart, sexy and would bring him the family he needed to secure his family inheritance.  If only she would trust in the love and the heat they share whenever they got near each other.

Abby still loved Dante but she knew the truth.  He only wanted her as a brood mare.  He didn’t love her but his stipulation on giving the money was she forget about the divorce and give him the son he needs to keep both the villa and the business in his name.  Abby still wanted him but even after the heat of passion his cool indifference cut her deeply.

Taking a leap they try again to make the connection and after Dante gets the all clear for his own health scare he pushes Abby towards giving him them family they both want.  Abby’s wants nothing more than to give him a child.  A son but her own health problems are now, more than ever, a part of the problem.  But how can she tell him the truth?  How can she tell him that she might never be able to give him what he wants?   When he finds out she was hiding such a big secret from him and the truth comes out he is the one to bolt.  Leaving her to go home alone and to suffer a life threatening situation without the man she loves by her side.  Dante realizes too late that he might have severed the last connection he has with the woman he loves and must make a choice between trying to salvage what is left between them or holding on to a past that will mean nothing without the one he wants by his side.

This book was an emotional ride that didn’t allow the reader to do more than hang on until it came to a complete stop.  Ms. Evan’s first foray into contemporary writing was a very realistic and at times hard look at relationships and the continuing work it takes to make things work.  Life isn’t always easy, it isn’t always perfect and it doesn’t always follow a pattern like most romance novels.  This book shows the good, the bad and the in between.  It shows the turmoil and pain a heart can endure when fighting the uphill battle to keep the one you love in your life.  Dante was at times an ass.  He wasn’t the perfect man.  He was human and showed his human flaws.  Abby was indecisive and she revealed that she would rather run from a problem than to hash it out and find the answers she needed.  But they were both real.  They both showed that life is full of imperfections.  Full of upsets.  Full of hurdles that sometimes take more effort than you think you are capable of but if you work at it, talk, communicate and love someone it can be worth putting everything you have into the fight.

I received an eBook copy of this book from the publisher Entangled through Net Galley for my honest review.

Surprising Lord Jack by Sally MacKenzie

Duchess of Love Book 2

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Frances Hadley had hoped to make it to town and to her brothers by the end of the day and back.  He joy would be to wave a cheque in front of her aunt the next day and finally be free from her rules.  A lame horse, bad roads and a sore arse changed her direction and a dry bed to sleep in sounded like a good idea.  With the Valentines having their annual ball there was no rooms available except the one kept for the Valentine men themselves.

Lord Jack Valentine wanted to be away from his mother’s latest match making ball so much that he left for London in less than travelable conditions.  Stopping at the inn he couldn’t fault the owner for giving away his bed and found himself sharing a bed with a young lad who was out cold and who would hopefully not mind the company in the morning.

Realizing that appearances were not as they seemed with the young man, Jack agrees to help him get to London and to the family awaiting “him”.  Standing on the steps where her brother once lived, Frances was stunned to find out that he had married and moved.   Stranded and alone Jack couldn’t let the young woman run the streets with a killer on the loose.  Especially in the neighborhood she was determined her brother was still near. When the cat is out of the bag Frances is stunned when Jack proposed marriage to stave off the scandal.  Frances was compromised and there was a killer “slasher” running loose killing women of questionable reputation and if the killer found out her secret she could be in danger.  Getting closer to her wasn’t going to be easy though, her brothers brutal honesty and the revelation of another family members betrayal only harden her heart more.  Jack must find a way to open her eyes to the love he has for her while keeping her safe from the man who believes she should pay with her life for her reputed sins.

I really enjoyed this historical escape and want to read more of Ms. MacKenzie’s Duchess of Love series.   The chemistry that Jack and Frances developed molded into an emotional and captivating read that was hard to put down.   Their situations and stations were very different but the connection that grew between them was more acceptable because of Jack’s charitable nature.  This however, was a small question that developed in my mind when there was a very nice build up to revealing his secret charities including a young girl who captured Frances own attention but it was never addressed further on.  I would have liked to see more resolution in this matter since it was, to me, a very important part of why they worked so well together.  The suspense built up with the threat of a killer searching for victims who deserved their fate because of their less than reputable situations in life was very intense and delivered in a way that kept my attention throughout.   Surprising Lord Jack was a very delectable delight that kept emotions high and interest piqued throughout.

I was given an eBook copy of Surprising Lord Jack from the publisher Kensington Publishing through Net Galley.

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Ice Cold by Cherry Adair

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Honey Winston had to fight for her life against the man who was standing over the body of her boss Jack.  When the lights came on and she saw she was fighting the Spanish Stallion, Rafael Navarro, and T-Flacs resident bomb expert, she was floored by the revelation.  The man wasn’t supposed to be here. The man who was supposed to make a woman orgasm with just a kiss should still be at the airport.  Too bad a kiss wouldn’t work on her or he might have been able to distract her more to his advantage.

Navarro knew the Ice Princess could not be the one who killed his friend but someone had set him up to be there and that same someone had put 37 stab wounds into his friends body.  Fighting her was not what he needed to be doing right now.  Holding her in his arms was a distraction that neither could afford right at this moment no matter how much he wanted to see if he could make Honey melt.

They needed answers and obviously someone who knew the ins and outs of T-Flac was behind the murder and the set up.  Partnering up to flush out the person responsible for not only the murder but a succession of bombings all across Europe they soon find more than an attraction as they both find the truth behind their nicknames.  When Rafe is attacked by a woman who not only felt but smelled like Honey, their suspect list grows smaller.  Trust between them in a must but when the person they believe is responsible is locked up by T-Flac in the highest security, a person Honey once called friend, it stretches it beyond limits.  With the pieces falling into place, they rush to find the one link that would give them the truth once and for all but fall into a trap leaving Rafe to diffuse the most important bomb of his life.

Hot Hot Hot.  Cherry Adair doesn’t just write about bomb experts dismantling intricate systems with lives attached to them.  She is DA BOMB!  Sizzling hot romance, dangerous and deceitful villains and sexy, intelligent heroes and heroines are all a part of the total package that the intriguing T-Flac series delivers time after time.  Honey is one smart and strong heroine and she doesn’t take the easy way out in any part of her life.  She fights just as hard as Rafe to find the answers to who is behind the terrorism plot as she proves to herself above all that being a rich society girl isn’t all what the tabloids print. Rafe is sexy and dangerous and his skill at his job makes him a hot commodity.  His reputed skill in bed makes him an even hotter commodity for the women but his openness and his devotion to Honey make this man even more desirable.   I love to read this series and count my collection of Cherry Adair T-Flac prints as one of my keeper treasures.

I received an eBook copy of Ice Cold through Net Galley for my honest review.

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Flirting Under a Full Moon by Ashlyn Chase


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Brandee Hanson had been dumped again! This time by text.  How lame!  And announcing it to the entire restaurant made it even better.  The customers of Boston Uncommon were going to have a laugh tonight thanks to her and her ability to humiliate herself over yet another man.  And to make matters worse, her boss’s Aunt Sadie and resident “fortune teller” gives her a quick Tarot reading and her prospects were supposedly about to change for the good but….  What could be worse? The man who was supposed to be her “true love” just walked through the door and his name was “One-Night-Nick”.  Well not literally, but really didn’t that just suit her track record of a love life?

Nick Wolfensen had his reasons for never going out with a woman more than once and it came down to one word.  Soulmate.  He didn’t want to find his and as a wolf he mated for life and he just couldn’t take a chance that someday his mate would walk into his life and she might be the wrong choice.  If that dubbed him a playboy then fine.  If he couldn’t get Brandee, the sexy waitress at Boston Uncommon, to say yes to even one night –not so fine.

Changing his life style or rather his job thanks to him being “involved” with a couple of incidents which involved him and  his not so always law abiding brother (which was totally in the past), the cop found a new calling as a paranormal PI.  When his first case involves the mayors adopted daughter he goes to Sadie for some incite but learns that Brandee has an interest in the case too.  The young girl is her cousin and she wants to help and letting her get involved is just asking for trouble.  Trouble that escalates when he shifts to search for the missing girl and not only Brandee and her camera is there to capture it in beautiful sepia tones but someone who reports his screw up to the big boss of all of the paranormal races.  Mother Nature.  Brandee’s life-long dream was to be a professional photographer and when her camera, along with parts of her memory are gone she can’t stop herself from finding out the truth.  (Especially when Nick and possibly the sexiest full moon she had ever seen were involved.)   With a young girl still missing, the realization that Brandee might just be his soulmate and a rash of other obstacles to leap through and maneuver around, Nick must find a way to smooth over not only Mother Natures qualms about his missteps but listen to his heart and keep Brandee in his life for more than one night.

First of all I have to say this book is NOT realistic! Number one reasoning behind my opinion is the fact that no self-respecting hunk of a were-wolf would wear a polo shirt!  Fans of Ms. Chase’s last series will love the fact that a few of her beloved characters make their way into the storyline and especially for one character out in public at Boston Uncommon.  Mayhem and madness is the main plot line of this book.  It is funny, smart, snarky and chaotic and very fast paced which to some might feel a bit disjointed.  I loved it as I did the first series.  Paranormal creatures abound from Nick’s wolf to Sly’s vampire to brownies and ghosts and gods and shifters (oh my) and of course the aforementioned Mother Nature herself.  (Which I totally hear in the voices of Jingle and Jangle!)  If you are looking for a fun book that pokes at more than its share of non-traditional romance topics (for example stomachs that react to treats made with milk for our lactose intolerant heroine), that has a plethora of paranormal creatures and two lovers that race through a madcap adventure in the hopes of staying together for more than one night than this book is for you!  Can’t wait to see what mischief and madness Ms. Chase has planned for the next book in the series.

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I received an arc of Flirting Under a Full Moon from Sourcebooks for my honest review.

Book release date is April 2 2013.

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