Review: Ice Cold by Cherry Adair

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Book Reviews, Books, reads, Reviews
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Ice Cold by Cherry Adair

5 Hockeystyxxx

Honey Winston had to fight for her life against the man who was standing over the body of her boss Jack.  When the lights came on and she saw she was fighting the Spanish Stallion, Rafael Navarro, and T-Flacs resident bomb expert, she was floored by the revelation.  The man wasn’t supposed to be here. The man who was supposed to make a woman orgasm with just a kiss should still be at the airport.  Too bad a kiss wouldn’t work on her or he might have been able to distract her more to his advantage.

Navarro knew the Ice Princess could not be the one who killed his friend but someone had set him up to be there and that same someone had put 37 stab wounds into his friends body.  Fighting her was not what he needed to be doing right now.  Holding her in his arms was a distraction that neither could afford right at this moment no matter how much he wanted to see if he could make Honey melt.

They needed answers and obviously someone who knew the ins and outs of T-Flac was behind the murder and the set up.  Partnering up to flush out the person responsible for not only the murder but a succession of bombings all across Europe they soon find more than an attraction as they both find the truth behind their nicknames.  When Rafe is attacked by a woman who not only felt but smelled like Honey, their suspect list grows smaller.  Trust between them in a must but when the person they believe is responsible is locked up by T-Flac in the highest security, a person Honey once called friend, it stretches it beyond limits.  With the pieces falling into place, they rush to find the one link that would give them the truth once and for all but fall into a trap leaving Rafe to diffuse the most important bomb of his life.

Hot Hot Hot.  Cherry Adair doesn’t just write about bomb experts dismantling intricate systems with lives attached to them.  She is DA BOMB!  Sizzling hot romance, dangerous and deceitful villains and sexy, intelligent heroes and heroines are all a part of the total package that the intriguing T-Flac series delivers time after time.  Honey is one smart and strong heroine and she doesn’t take the easy way out in any part of her life.  She fights just as hard as Rafe to find the answers to who is behind the terrorism plot as she proves to herself above all that being a rich society girl isn’t all what the tabloids print. Rafe is sexy and dangerous and his skill at his job makes him a hot commodity.  His reputed skill in bed makes him an even hotter commodity for the women but his openness and his devotion to Honey make this man even more desirable.   I love to read this series and count my collection of Cherry Adair T-Flac prints as one of my keeper treasures.

I received an eBook copy of Ice Cold through Net Galley for my honest review.

Some resources to find your own copy.  Available in eBook, Hardcover and Paperback in most retailers


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