Review: Once a Brat by Kim Dare

Posted: June 5, 2013 in BDSM, Books, Contemporary, MM, Reviews
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Once a Brat by Kim Dare

4 Hockeystyxxx

Marcus Tremayne got the nod that his “stalker” was at Spread Eagle again making him more than a little uncomfortable. Maybe using him to vent some of the anger he had stirred up these last few weeks would scare the sub away once and for all and he could have a little fun while he was at it. Bret Daniels was not only angelic looking the boy was a newbie too. This could be really what he needed.
Bret knew at 20 that he was gay and he knew that making his New Years resolution to submit was exactly what he wanted and needed in his life. Seeing Marcus almost immediately upon entering the club for the first night only solidified his resolve. He had never submitted to anyone but Marcus was definitely the one he wanted to learn from.
Following the first rule was hard and Bret knew that speaking out of turn to the other Doms was going to get him in trouble. Hopefully good trouble, the trouble he came here to find in the first place. Bret was a brat but Marcus found himself looking for him every day. He had told him to stay away but there was something about the brat that had him wishing he had never told him to wait the week before coming to see him again. Bret the brat really needed to be taken to hand and taking him home was his only choice. When their games get going it all stops suddenly when the ball hits the floor and they both suffer from what it means for their relationship.
I was really entertained by this M/M offering by Ms. Dare. Bret was cute and a little sassy, a typical brat, but he knew what he wanted and wouldn’t let Marcus say no without at least giving him a chance to prove himself. I loved Marcus as he fought with himself to stay away but their instant attraction and chemistry were too much for him not to give in to as their interactions exploded off the pages.
I was given this book free from Riptide Publishing through Net Galley for my honest review.

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