Review: Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Posted: June 10, 2013 in BDSM, Book Reviews, Books, Contemporary, Reviews
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Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

5 Hockeystyxxx

Warning this review does contain spoilers:

Temptation. Desire. Indecisions. Danger.

Sara McMillan had faced all of these feelings and more as she worked through her relationship with Chris Merit but it was the distraction of the diary her friend Ella had found in the storage locker that consumed her thoughts when she wasn’t devoured by the passion of their relationship. The thought of discovering who it was that Rebecca had called Master and where she had disappeared to was a desperate and all-consuming thought in her mind. Returning to the locker where Rebecca’s life was in storage, caught up in her own questions about Chris’ life and what he really wants from her only intensifying, everything goes dark. Someone has something to hide besides the missing woman and Sara’s fears as well as Chris’s are that she has stumbled into something much more sinister. Chris’ sudden return from his trip couldn’t have come at a better time. Sara needs him but even after she agrees to staying at his place while they investigate she won’t leave her job behind at the gallery. Even after he confirms that the Master in Rebecca’s journals is who she suspects. Confronting her boss at work, Sara needs confirmation she is there for more than a pull toy to be tugged between two men. Two men who were once friends and shared a past. He wants her and will use praising her in the job she wants to do it. Pulled between Chris and Mark Sara struggles with her feelings for both despite knowing which man already owns her heart. If only she could open up her mouth and admit that she already belongs to Chris…but after the journal she can’t honestly belong to anyone. Despite her insecurities she IS WITH him. Hopefully that will be enough. Meeting Ryan Kilmer she realizes it to be another test of Marks, but instead he sets her at ease but the meeting with Ricco, was something different, even though she had initially trusted the man. With a body guard following her for her peace of mind the meeting goes better than expected but with the sudden appearance of the man waiting outside everything changes. Chris waiting on outside, blowing off his meetings for her, sets something new off in their relationship. Mark has been outright in his desire to mold her but Chris holds her heart even though the trust is not entirely there yet. Going away with him, letting his investigators look into both Rebecca and Ella’s disappearances. Things seem to be going well until the news of a young boy Chris has let get under his skin is losing his battle with Cancer. His darkness threatens but Sara pulls him back only to be confronted with her own demons. Facing two men who hurt her in the past she struggles with her own darkness and has to make a choice which man to lean on. Chris can’t allow her to leave but he also has to struggle to keep himself together. They will have to work at it but things don’t go smoothly when he once again won’t give her the honest truth about his connection with Rebecca. Running to Mark once again, after almost giving in to him and Ryan, the truth there is even uglier when revelations about Rebecca are revealed and she stares death in the face as her involvement with both men triggers events that bring all of their combined fates into play.

I anxiously awaited this book from the very minute I finished If I Were You. Actually holding on to my opinion so as not to let lose a torrent of spoilers was hard when I received an early e copy. Very hard! Being Me is beyond what I expected from Ms. Lisa and that is saying a lot since I always expect perfection from her stories and am never disappointed. Sara, the quiet kindergarten teacher has always tried to shy away from the world that she is now wrapped up in but with each day she realizes that she needs not only the job but the dominant men in her life. Sara faces a myriad of emotional and physical choices in both her personal and professional life as she opens up her life to Chris and stands beside him as he reveals the darkness inside of him. Chris is even darker this time around which I loved. The rich, casual, devil-may-care persona reveals cracks especially when he has to face the mortality of someone he cares for, something he chooses to do in his own way, potentially pushing Sara into the arms of another who does not deny his attraction which amps up the tension to a peak that forced me into a book hangover because I couldn’t put it down. BTW….. book hangovers are always good! Answers to many of the questions readers were left pondering are answered in this book but many more are opened wide and help the story evolve and even more are answered in the series of journal entries that give the reader a fascinating look at what similarities Rebecca and Sara have as she writes her innermost feelings down before her disappearance. This story is above and beyond most others who have been grouped into this category of erotica. Lisa weaves a tale that grips you in its emotion then ties you up and binds you to the characters as they submit to their passions, fears and love.

I need to add that this book, series, has been optioned by Starz to be a extraordinary television experience. I for one… cannot wait!

I received an ebook copy of this book for my honest review but I purchased the print copy because I love the story so much I couldn’t wait to hold it in my hands. If you care to help me out follow the Book Depostitory link at the side bar and order yours today.

  1. Zita R says:

    Great review! I can’t wait to read this for myself!

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