Trying to get out from under this bad luck umbrella

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just a quick post here. I have been running in to a series of bad luck problems with both vehicles and technology and it has brought me to a bunch of dead ends for a bit. Starting out in June when I drove my sons vehicle to Detroit on a rainy afternoon and had a major system failure ending up with a new collision or three with some big transports and barely making it to my destination where the car ended up being towed away never to be seen again. A series of little things here and there have plagued me all summer then this past week I had my camera SD card malfunction (32G of pictures gone), my other sons truck to lose its 4 W drive capability, my SUV to shake and shimmy until I am afraid to go out of town with it and culminating with my kindle going blank screen the other day. I am about to give up. Hoping to get my Net Galley books opened up on the computer so I can continue my reads and get some more posts up but it might take a while. In the mean time 4 people are driving two vehicles that are not 100% and I can buy a program to recover my pictures but its $40 I really don’t have right now and as for the kindle I am pretty much heartbroken that I have no way to replace. Be patient with me if I owe you a review… they will be done. Thanks again for reading this rant…. I promise to go cry myself in a corner and not bother you lovely people again about this program!


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