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Taking a Deep Breath

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Hockey, Hockey Game recap
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As you all know I am obsessed with hockey. I’m the lady who sat in front of TSN all day on trade deadline day and sighed in both relief and in frustration at what went on that day. I’m also the person who stopped one of the NHL hockey scouts at my gate and chastised him for taking my Ryan Miller and Steve Ott away from by beloved Sabres. (Yeah I asked him first which team he was from and after his admission that he was from St. Louis I had to rake him over the coals a bit…. he was awesome though and his grin was absolute when he said he is going to love having them in their version of blue and gold)

But this past week has been very tough. HockeyBoy has had a bum rap these playoffs and that hasn’t been very fun. Right now we are waiting to have the final toilet bowl game of his life…. well hopefully it will be. Although he has had a few accolades this year we never expected the hope of going on to OMHAs was stalled because of two bad goal calls by the refs…. but that isn’t what I meant to talk about. I wanted to say a few words about how the tragic end to a search for a young man ended yesterday. I have watched Terry Trafford over the last few seasons when the Saginaw Spirit visited the Sarnia Sting. He was always one of those guys I gritted my teeth at when he came full tilt into our end. A hard guy to play against, I wouldn’t have said no to having his grit and determination on our own team. Hearing the young man had gone missing for more than 6 days left little hope and yesterdays announcement that they found his body in his truck was very sad. Rumors are now swirling that he had had a little bit of distension with the team and had been sent home right before the final games of the season. If this had something to do with his death or not I am not here to speculate but to say that these young men have a lot of pressure and without support it is easy to see if things break down the way they sometimes do that tragedy can follow. Whatever the reasons behind his death there has to be some way to help these guys out when they feel pushed aside and I hope the team, the league and the Canadian Hockey Association help to make changes. As a hockey mom who will have a son playing junior hockey next season I want to see those changes immediately.

Out west another young junior player collapsed and is now fighting for his life after being diagnosed with Meningitis a very deadly and scary disease! My prayers are with Tim Bozon, a Montreal Canadiens prospect, and his family, friends and teammates through this time as he continues to fight while in critical condition from contacting this horrible disease.

More bad news came from the NHL when Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed without apparent reason on the Stars bench during first period play the other day. This was beyond scary but thankfully he was attended to by both teams medical personel and apparently wanted to be allowed back in the game which they ultimately cancelled. This along with the recent stroke of the Penguins Kris Letang has made for even more scary situations. Whatever the reasons behind the two very apparently healthy athletes recent scares makes it evident that these men drive themselves so hard to achieve and to stay where they are to continue to play the game they love with a determination that goes beyond many can imagine.

I am hoping the best for all these athletes and pray that everyone continues to send prayers up for those still fighting their own battles and those who have passed on and left demands on the organizations to make changes that these pressures are addressed in a timely and thorough manner so we do not have to hear of another tragedy befalling the young men who drive themselves beyond so they can play our favorite game and entertain the fans in the stands and hopefully reach their dreams.

RIP Terry.