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No Accounting for Cowboys by Leah Braemel

4.5 Hockeystyxxx

I like to think that I am up to date and on the ball but I’m afraid I have dropped the ball a little bit lately.  One of these little blunders is the fact that I some how missed the first book in Leah Braemel’s series The Grady Legacy.  That didn’t stop me from grabbing up the opportunity to pick up Leah’s latest Carina Press offering No Accounting for Cowboys!  And I am forever grateful that I was able to do this and share my views on the book.  Getting to catch up with Leah in New Orleans was even a bigger bonus!  Romantic Times Convention is a great way to interact with the authors, like Leah, that you love!

But back to the book at hand…. or rather the sexy as hell singing cowboy and his ‘not your typical accountant’ love!  Paige and Jake’s chemistry oozes off the pages from the first moment they lay eyes on each other across the bar!  Getting to know each other is definitely on the menu at the country and western hangout Slick’s!  Both, however, have more than a little baggage along with them thanks to their families and although wanting to dive in and taste the offerings that first night they find a way to put their desires on hold and let them simmer on the burner like the good Texas BBQ Slick’s is known for.  Finding out they will not only be working together over the next little bit only wet’s their appetite and a sampling is definitely what the reader and the two lovers are waiting for but like all good BBQ there is a mess involved and it might take more than a couple of wet wipes to clean it up if the two want to keep on the steady diet of romance, love and sex that brought them together in the first place.  If only their family secrets were in the recipe department and not life changing like the ones Paige and Jake have to deal with.

I absolutely fell in love with Jake.  Strong, sexy, loyal and talented… he is so amazing and I was as broken as he was when the truth comes out about the one thing that meant the world to him!  And Paige was no passive little heroine.  She was awesome!  A definite fighter who had battled and worked her way up from nothing to become a professional and get her degree.  Her little chip on her shoulder gave her an edge that made her fun, sexy and a little snarky!  I loved it!  If you love emotion this book has it in spades!  The tug on my heart when Jake faces the truth about who he really was tore more than a few tears from me and made me keep turning the pages to get over the pain secrets from the past as fast as possible!


Paige Reynolds is a woman who will not let anything stand in her path. Saying she had less than perfect childhood is an understatement and now a certified accountant and with a new job she is ready to prove to herself and anyone else that she is nothing like her mother or her father when it comes to business dealings. Getting the news she was going to be sent out to Bulls Hollow Ranch, the family of the man her father still holds a grudge with, to settle their books after a trusted employee screwed them over will put her in position to prove herself but that doesn’t mean she can’t relax a bit before she jumps in head first tomorrow. Spending a little time flirting with the sexy cowboy up on stage at Slick’s seems to be just what she needed to get her mind off everything piling on her plate. Walking into the office at Bulls Hollow and finding the scruff faced cowboy grinning at her should have her packing her calculator and running but something told her to stay and ride out whatever was coming her way with the man with two names she met only hours before and who already was under her skin.

Jake Grady needed this night off. Needed to shrug off the mess back at the ranch, both with their financial troubles and the rift between him and his best friend Gabe Larson, or rather his half brother Gabe. Shit was piling high. Getting up on stage doing what he had always loved was just the distraction he needed…. Well that and the sexy woman at the bar eyeing him up like a piece of candy. Taking the stage as J T Larson had always been a release for him but also a thorn that liked to prick him when his brother Ben continued to put him down every time he picked up a guitar and tried to show him how much music meant to him. Stepping up and putting himself in front of the sexy lady sure turned his night around when she didn’t shoot him down and had him hoping she would be back the next time his band played… back and ready to do more than flirt with him at the bar. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would find her in his own home, or rather his Ma’s home ready to dig into their financial mess and straighten out what was left of Bulls Hollow. He liked the girl in leather but something about the one in front of him made him think he could get to like this part of her too. A girl with two sides just like him would be perfect if only he could talk her into it too.

Paige and Jake find themselves falling. Fast. But the secrets both have carried for their families and now themselves might be too much to over come. Dealing with the impending audit, Paige finds herself embedded in even more secrets and when Jake has to face the truth it causes a divide that not only pulls him away from her but rocks him so hard there might be no coming back for him. Jakes trust and faith in a family he had always found solace in being a part of now pulled out from under him he needs Paige to help him deal but her promise to another is yet another betrayal he can’t deal with. Another reason to leave and not look back. Professional as always Paige finishes her job but leaving the job is one thing… leaving without trying to claim her heart back is another that she cannot give up on without one last try.

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