Dealing with…… everything that could go wrong will go wrong….. or my life!

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hey all.  Been away again but hoping things are on an upswing.  Actually had 3 great days in a row before waking to aching body parts but that’s life when you are living with chronic pain.  But in any case I am trying to stay positive and looking into more things to share with you!  More reviews are coming!  I have already posted my first review of Rysa Walker’s series and have now read the entire series!  They along with some other great reads are coming very soon!  As well I am working on a personal project to make my own Tardis shelving unit!  This will house my beads and my printer….and hopefully it will be bigger on the inside so I can make more room to create on the outside! lol   As well I am geeking out every month with my Nerd Block box and now my son had joined in the fun! I might even share or start putting up a contest or two in the future when things get rolling.  For now I will say goodbye….. and for those Canadian followers Happy Thanksgiving!

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