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Custom necklace for Cassandra Carr contest

Custom necklace for Cassandra Carr contest

You can win this necklace or order your own custom creation

You can win this necklace or order your own custom creation

You can win this custom necklace

You can win this custom necklace

I was given the opportunity to make the grand prize for Cassandra Carr’s latest contest in celebration of the upcoming release of Momentum.  The third in her Bull Rider series.  Cassandra sent me an email and said…. can you come up with something? You can do whatever you want…..

….. that leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to a conversation between Cassandra and myself.  The end result you see above.  Three silver charms with the covers of all three Bull Rider books with crystal beads of iridescent blue and dark amber with cute silver spacers on a silver tone chain.  And it can be yours…. for free.  Cassandra is giving it away on her facebook page in a contest that is pretty easy to enter.  All you have to do is send her a picture.  Yep.  Tag her or post a picture on her author fan page here….

What she is looking for is fans who have bought one of the previous books to post a picture of them with the book.  The physical book, the image of your laptop, the cover on your kindle or ereader.  Whatever the format it does not matter.  Just tag her in.   Full details are here on her event page.

So now that I am done this fabulous creation I am back hard at making bookthongs.  Yes the special offer for no minimum is still on until the end of the month but for those who really want some for the cons and don’t have the money in the bank yet (We are all feeling the holiday crunch and I understand) you can still take advantage of the offer.  Order them now, let me know when you want them and for a small deposit I can give you the same offer for delivery in the later winter or early spring.  I can also add custom charms to your thongs for a little bit more which will be dependant on how much it costs me to get the charms in stock.  I want to promote my craft and make enough to go to RT13 in Kansas City this year so I am willing to bend my own rules to make it happen.  Pass the word on to let anyone else know about the special offers.

And for those who might be interested in ordering a custom piece of jewelry for yourself please contact me and I will be more than happy to make something just as special for you.  Pricing for these custom pieces will be dependent on time to design and put together and cost of materials.

Now I have one more thing to add to this post.  To help my friend Cassandra with her promotion I am going to do a crossover along with her Bull Riders contest.  For everyone who comments on this post that they have entered a photo in Cassandra’s contest and posts the link along with their comment I will have a separate draw for a Cassandra Carr Bull Rider bookthong.  One thong with one of the three covers will be up for grabs.  So take your pictures, Tag Cassandra and come back here to show me that you are a Bull Rider fan as well!



If you all go back and check out my review for If I Were You you will see that I think (along with many others) that this is one of the best books of the year.  What to read after 50 Shades?  I suggest you put 50 Shades aside and pick this one up instead.  Lisa has just announced that Being Me, the sequel, has been submitted to editors and that she is getting ready for the final book in the trilogy which will be titled Revealing Us.  I myself cannot wait and am praying that I can get approval for the arc.  Gets on her knees and begs!!!!!

Get all your Lisa Renee Jones updates here  There are several contests that she is running throughout the year in conjunction with this series along with so many of her other books.  There is also a special new announcement about the release of a serial of stories to fill in your time until the rerelease of If I Were You in March.  Just remember that it is available in ebook now and if you are lucky you might still find a few of the original prints in the wild.

Release dates are as follows for the new printing releases of the books.  Also feel free to use my Book Depository link at the side to help me out!

If I Were You  March 12

Book Depository

Amazon print

Being Me  June 11

Book Depository

Preorder at Amazon Here

Revealing Us  Sept 10

Book Depository

Amazon Print


Two of my favorite paranormal romance authors have new releases this week.  I have read both of these books and hope you will love them as much as I have.

I have done a very brief review of Lisa’s Hot Vampire Touch today on Amazon but will give you a further one soon.  Donna’s Shadow Magic is a re-release and I originally read it for Bitten By Books and the review is here.

Check out their contests.  They are always fun~

thanks Shell