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OK for those who know me personally I have been changing a few things in my day to day life, although some not as fast as I would like.  One of those things though that has changed is my delving into more of some time travel ideas since getting hooked on Dr. Who by one of my good friends and some fantasy stuff by finally getting to watch the entire series of The Almighty Johnsons.  (If you haven’t watched check it out… 4 handsome Kiwi brothers who are the current incarnations of the Norse Gods Odin and more!) Thank you Netflix and unlimited internet plan to accomplish this.

Next on my to do list is delve more thoroughly into the Chronos world created by Rysa Walker.  I have read snippets and can’t wait to dig in deeper!  She has a very amazing group of dedicated fans and I have heard nothing but great things about this series!  Check her out in the links below!  Her latest novella Times Mirror just released!  I hope to have a review soon from a friend who is devoted to this series…. if not then hold on for a bit and I will do the honors!!!

You can start out by purchasing Time Bound at places like Amazon or here at where they ship free world wide!!


Hey everyone! Hope things are well with all my loyal followers. I am just getting into the swing of things again and today you will see two new posts as a result. Crossing fingers that more are to come very soon!

Recently I was able to knock one major item off my bucket list! I was able to visit New Orleans! Yes! I will blog more on it later with some pics but will touch on a few things here today. Number one…. It was amazing despite not getting out of the French Quarter and visiting the rest of the city! I was there for the Romantic Times convention and it did not disappoint! Besides taking a walk by myself to the square I met with some new friends and walked to the cemetery suspected to be the final resting spot for Marie Laveau, got a little tipsy during a walk down Bourbon Street, bartered to buy some awesome earrings and stood on a roof top and looked down over it all one night.

Another part of this was the convention itself. Thanks to my room mate Jenni I was invited to lunch with some very awesome ladies! One of the talented women was Sara Humphreys. (Who I just realized used to be on Another World which I watched loyally from the time I was a kid with my Gramma until it went off the air in the late nineties!) Such a beautiful woman and an inspiration to someone trying to lose weight after deciding it was time to make a change in my life…. I won’t say that we were eating some delicious pizza for lunch… but the gracious lady gave me a couple of her books while I was there and despite having about 100 to chose from when I got home one of hers was one of the first couple that I pulled out of the pile to devour. And devour I did! Tall, Dark and Vampire was an amazing read and to my delight I was able to get my hands on a copy of the sequel Vampire Trouble as well. It releases July 1 so be sure to pick it up! I hope you enjoy the brief reviews below of both these tasty vampire delights! Thank you Sara for being so awesome and getting me hooked on this new series!


I had an epiphany last night. Something had been bothering me all night. Something I had no say in whatsoever. Something akin to watching a train wreck or rubbernecking along an accident scene. I couldn’t stop myself from feeling hurt from this situation. Shaking my head all night I tried and tried to forget and repeat over and over…. You can’t say anything, you can’t do anything, it’s not your business and if you do say something you are going to be the one who loses. Did it work? No…. no it didn’t do anything but upset me more and more. Crawling into bed I had hoped to read like I do every night. Did I? NO! Not only did the silly British sitcom not pull me out of my mood but I couldn’t even turn on the kindle. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! NEVER!!! So I went to post a random post on my facebook feed and it turned into this.

mytommy (2)

I watched a young man follow a similar path
One that had both its ups and its downs
He lived life to its fullest forgoing advice
Of the ones he held closest and dear
My heart still aches for his smiling face
His laugh His raspy tone
I am broken each time I think of that day
As I relive the ringing of that phone

What happened I asked, not who, not when
Just tell me who took him away
How did you know the caller enquired
I just know I replied I just know
I just know my heart splintered that day

I see the same things repeating themselves
With a stranger that stepped into my life
I sit here and say Please not again
I can’t watch as she causes such strife
A carefree and fun soul who lives life to extremes
Touches so many hearts in so many ways
He does not see the hate and the danger
Of the lethal one him sending him into the path of destruction and decay


OK Now that this realization had hit me and I had written out my thoughts all I could do is curl up and I silently cried myself to sleep. Who was a crying for? For the man that I lost or for the one I wanted to help? I still don’t know. I don’t know if I will ever know. Getting the call that day is still fresh in my mind after over 20 years. I picked up the phone and my Grandma said hi. I said tell me when. She asked when? I replied with tears rolling down my cheeks. Yeah tell me when he died. She asked if someone had called me already. I said no. She said that Tommy had died. I said I know. She asked how? I said I knew in my heart it was him. I felt him touch me. My Grandma was a devout Baptist. I shocked her. She didn’t know how close our souls were. And she could not believe that I just knew but I did. I sat down and let it all out. Curled up with my young son and relived everything we had been to each other through my mind. The day of the funeral I had hardened my heart, my tears had dried. Till I stepped into the hall and his brother stepped up to me. Hey Shell, he said. Hey I replied. Then he slayed me on the spot with his next comment.

Well look what your man went and did to himself this time.

My man. Yeah he was. He belonged to me and I belonged to him. We were close despite living 4 hours apart before the internet social media was an everyday occurrence and never meeting each other for more than the first decades of our lives. We even had “our song”. A second cousin by adoption we made up for that fast. Two weeks apart a pair of Taurus’ never got along better. I never did get the answers I begged for. His death being more than suspicious but one thing I did know was his death had something to do with a woman who was bad for him.
So last night as I crawled into bed and the realization hit me I was faced with a dilemma. Talk to this person who has so many similarities to my best friend and his life path or keep silent. Silence killed my Tommy. If he had been going through the same situation today I could have done something. I could have voiced my concern and I know he would have listened. Can I do the same with this guy? No. I know I cannot say anything because even as he reminds me of him I am not his best friend. I am hopefully considered a friend. My Facebook status says we are but in truth I know there is nothing I can do but rub the Budda belly, pray and make sacrifices to any God above or fallen below that things do not repeat. I only hope that the ones who truly are his best friends will step up and make it clear to him that the crazy in his life isn’t there for him but to get attention for herself grasping on to his coattails and pulling him down into the bigoted and ugly world she lives in. Thank you for listening to me pour my heart out. And pick one of the above to help me save this guy from the same mistakes I have witnessed in the past.

OK I might be getting a little excited over a Rep league game but for a bunch of boys who have either lost by one goal or tied almost every game this season so far a win is a big thing.  Too bad it wasn’t a pretty thing.  The penaties were a bit one sided IMO and for our team.  The boys were down three forwards so a couple of call ups had to step in and help but they did get the job done.  Like I said it wasn’t pretty but it was a “W” so we will take it after last weekends B cup finalists maybe things are looking up.  Oh and HockeyBoy scored a nice one as well.

Its been a busy week and unfortunately no reviews have been getting done.  What have I been doing?  Well remember that NaNoWriMo thing?  Well I have embraced it over the last three days and have put up some pretty good numbers.  I am going to focus on that this week and getting my business proposal finished.  Right now I am at over 9200 in three days of writing so hopefully I can keep up the pace and get this done.  The idea for this novel has been in my head for two years.  Two years of coming up with ideas and scribbling them on a pad of paper or making an addition to the file “feeble attempt one” on my laptop.  This one though combines my two favorite genre’s: Hockey Romance and Vampires.  Yep the Hockeyvamp is writing a hockeyvamp book.  So far I have been told it doesn’t suck and I think you have something there.  I need to build on that and make them say it is amazeballs or wow that book is smoking hawt!

In between that this week I worked a Sting game, had an MRI on my shoulder again and drove to London to take Cadet Kid to see Hotel Transylvania which was really fun and a nice dry place to spend Halloween instead of out in the miserable rain and cold.  Coming up its going to be a busy week.  Cadet Kid is going to have a bunch of Rememberance Day services to do and Hockey Boy has an out of town game.  Then next weekend we are gearing up for more hockey, services and Cadet Kid taking part in the colour guard at the game and then our arena is hosting one of the OHL vs Russia games.  I cannot say how excited I am for this one.  Wow.  It’s going to be fun and I am going to be hella busy.  Please don’t forget about me if I am missing in action for a few days.  Give me some comments to reply to and maybe it will force me to come back and give you an update in between.  Possibly getting a few more reviews for you to enjoy in between.

Keep your stick on the ice!~

PS This post is dedicated to those powers that be that have stolen my pro hockey away from me this year.  You guys really suck!

OK I made a decision tonight and I am hoping to get some help from my friends.  I am going to take part in the National November Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.  Hoping to write a full novel in the month of November.  I have never pushed myself to finish either of the novels I started and am hoping to finish the first book in a series I have been thinking about for years.  Lets just say that my idea includes not one but two of my favorite things and I hope I can pull it off.  Not that I am not busy enough but who knows.

Here are the inspirations for my leads…. what do you think????

Pinned Image

Kat Denning is my heroine…. if you are not familiar with her …. why the heck not????  She is one of the two leads in 2 Broke Girls.  One of my favorite sitcoms on today!

Pinned Image

And here is my hero…. he might not be familiar to some of you but believe me when you see him you won’t forget him.  Xander (who’s stage name fits my character to a tee) is a man of many facets.  Adult film star. super hero and rock star are but two of them but I am ready to use him in another way.

Crossing fingers that this will work out!  Cheer me on if you have the time to spare!

OK had to add this….. tweeted my intentions to use Xander as my model for my male lead and ….. He tweeted back!!!

Xander Corvus‏@XCorvus77732m

Will i have Dark Superpowers? @Hockeyvamp

Of course I told him he would have super powers…..!!!  This must be my sign that it is meant to be!  How many other authors to be get a shout back from their muse?

Just getting back in to the swing of things after a weekend away to watch HockeyBoy play a tournament in Kincardine Ontario.  I must say that the boys took their up hill fight to find some “W’s” in stride and put up a great effort and delivered some exciting hockey.  Game night one saw us up against the home team,  not so much fun when all the calls were one sided and the hometown crowd and in fact the announcing were only seeing orange as well.  I have to say that as a tournament they really showed no respect for anyone paying the big bux to come and take part in an event that made money for their club.  The home team was the ONLY team that got music played for during their games and the use of the air horn…. which were banned for anyone else entering the building.  As it was the Petrolia team, after a Friday night full of bonding adventures, came out strong and won back to back games on Saturday giving them a birth in the B finals the next afternoon.  Sunday came in cold and damp as the weather started showing the potential of its strength as the edges of Sandy made its way to the shores of the lake.  Not ready to go down without swinging, the Ptown boys fought hard and came out of an end to end battle with a 2-2 tie forcing not one but two overtimes to decide it on a wraparound that slid underneath our very weary goalie.  In all they played pretty damn good hockey for going in to the tournament with two forwards sitting out leaving them with only 12 total skaters and in the final OT’s with only 11 on the bench.

In addition to the games I did manage to find the new location of a used book store I remember going to a long time ago and having a great conversation with the owner about my obsession.  🙂  If you are in Kincardine take a look for Condor Fine Books up on Queen St.  or check them out at I was also happy to find a quirky dollar store that had a great selection of nail polish that I tried out on the Saturday and went back to stock up with on Sunday before the game.



Its been a hella busy week here getting into hockey season full swing both working the games at the RBC and my sons hockey games so I am a little behind in getting some new reviews posted. As well I did a “test run” with my new products at this weekends hockey mom sale in conjunction with our local hockey’s 50th anniversary. The SKATELETS were a hit with the young kids and so were the necklaces so I think I will make them both a permanent item for sale. The market research aspect of this weekend will hopefully give me the impetus to get the business plan finalized this week and submitted. Cross fingers.

As for the reviews I have loads of notes ready to write up and am expecting by the weekend there will be new books listed for you to check out. Net Galley has been very good to me with two major publishers putting me on their preapproved list recently. What that means is that I will hopefully be able to bring you a wider selection of books to review. Yay!

Please check back in on the weekend to see what is new. Have mom duties that are extensive this week including several 1 hour drives to London which is pulling me away a little more than I had planned this week. Thanks for stopping by…. next time bring a friend…. I might even bring myself to finally vocalize my displeasure with a certain bald cretin who has ruined my sport for me once again. 🙂


Not a Great Start to my Day

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Daily Musings

Woke up this morning with hopes of catching up on a couple more reviews but life or rather death has gotten in the way.  Last night I was given a heads up that a member of my family who had been in the hospital had taken another turn after getting a little better last week.  This morning it was over.  A man who gave everything he could his entire life for his family has been taken away.  May you be in the arms of your loved ones already gone today Lon.  It just kind of hit home talking to his daughter (my niece) this morning how sudden things might change especially after living through it myself this spring with the passing of my father. We do survive.  We do move on.  But there will always be triggers or remembrances that bring us back to that moment.  Rest in peace Lonnie.  We will always love and remember you with a smile and good memories.