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Mychael Jason and Freddy!

The guys enjoying themselves at MayhemFest June 2013…. next year they will be on stage!!!

OK I know you guys are used to me talking hockey but hey…. the finals have suckaged for me this year. I mean the Eastern Conference finals were painful… watching the Bruins and Penguins fight for a chance at the cup was…. nauseating. Anyway I am cheering for the Blackhawks since my youngest is a fan. But I am getting away from my reason for this post. I have found a band that I want to tell you about. Jason Freddy and Mychael are Circle of Violence. They are heavy. They are dark. They are loud. And they are pretty damn fine if you are in to old school metal. (Pantera, Slayer, etc…..) If you are living in the LA area look them up. I will tag into this post if they give me some dates. If I ever made it to LA I would be on their doorsteps waiting for them to entertain me in a heartbeat! (And guys if you read this and want to send me a ticket I am so there!)

Full EP here….

One of my faves….

This week the guys released a 5 song EP on I hope the link above works for you if not look for Jason Quinlan on there and you will find the EP. The lyrics written by lead singer Mychael Burns are incredible! Jason shreads on the lead. So much so he says that he can’t help me out in my quest for more used guitar wire. And don’t forget Freddy, one of the original members of the band, who has to sit there and watch these guys asses! OK I wouldn’t mind taking the sticks from Freddy~!

I have become friends with Mychael and through him Jason and can’t say enough how fun these guys are to have in my life even if it is long distance! Help them out… go like their Facebook page and their Soundcloud tracks!

I have to add my feelings today after listening to these guys music today and especially the man behind the lyrics…. I have been taken over by a darkness that I put to words tonight…. hope some of you can understand…

Bordeaux rich and dark drips down
Attempts to hinder the ebb from the open wound
Futile as my life is not my own
With my heart in pieces on the ground
I look into the eyes of the one who felled the blow
And see the confusion reflected back
As he covers my hand to help stem the flow
I feel his love envelope me as my world turns to black


Mychael deep in reflection

Mychael deep in reflection