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Highland Dawn by Donna Grant

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HIghland Dawn

Moira had thought she would always be alone. Although she was happy to watch the love her sisters had found she knew if she was to fulfil her part of the prophecy she would never have a family or love of her own. There had only been one man she had ever thought of in that way anyway. Dartayous. The Druid warrior who both intrigued and frustrated her.
Dartayous had promised to keep Moira safe. One vow he took very seriously no matter how the woman turned him inside out. He could not tell her why he kept her and every other woman before her at arms length. Why he poked and prodded her instead of pulling her close and letting her know what she did to him.

Sent together to fulfill the prophecy and do their part to help release the fae from their prison they find a young babe who tugs at Moira’s heart but she had a destiny and being a mother was not a part of it and would never be with her heart belonging to the stubborn warrior with her on the journey. Taking a babe along with them will not aid them on their quest but when the woman asks to bring him along with them asks he knows he cannot deny her and say no to the woman he had ever loved, and for an immortal that was a very long time. Arriving at the destined spot they find out the old crones prediction was right and they did in fact have the key to the fae world with them the entire time but there was no easy path to follow when another has plans for Moira. Plans of a man that had already caused her and her family pain and suffering and that included making her the new Queen and taking over both worlds.
Lugus had set in motion his plans but unless the fates could be changed they could be the downfall of both the fae and the human realms forever.

Donna Grant has been a fave of mine since I read her Sisters of Magic series years ago. My addiction to her Dark Warrior series is not a secret either. So too this series, and this, the final chapter in the Druids Glen series. Moira is a strong woman and her heart is the most generous and strongest part of her as she keeps its secret desires hidden even from herself at times then opens it up to not only the man she loves but gives a part of it to another who is not as deserving when she sees his true self beneath the guise he has worn for most of his life. Dartayous is a warrior through and through but the secret he keeps hidden deters him from what he has desired most and the one that could make him happy and whole. Their journey is not easy and they are both tested but when they both are forced to chose it is one path that they both walk down, together and forever. Another great read from Ms. Grant and one I would highly recommend!

My Three Lords by Juniper Bell

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My Three Lords by Juniper Bell

Miss Alicia Silverwood was used to being around men. Her brothers had made sure of that fact but she never expected that her future would include not one but three. Married to one, playmate to another and reason to live for another.

A bet by the new groom, the Earl of Dorchester, might not have been the best thing to admit to a new bride. Especially when it entails betting she would be satisfied with just a strong cock against his friend the Marquis de Beaumont who is determined that he can use his skill as a rake to gain her favor. With the attention of both men Alicia should be content and happy to be loved as such with two giving males. Missing something she has no thought to look elsewhere until the mysterious green eyed stranger sets upon their door. The Duke of Warrington never lets anyone see his true self but she realizes that he is not a stranger but something much more. Someone who can give her the part that is missing from her life. The love of a man with not only his body but his heart and soul.

This erotic escape was full of naughtiness and fun! Miss Alicia is one lucky lady when she finds herself with not one man in her bed after saying I Do but three. Three men who are very different and give her very different things but combined give her everything she ever dreamed about.

Review: Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks
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Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

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King Alexander II sent a decree to Lairds Armstrong and Montgomery that neither clan could ignore. There would be a wedding and his most valued supporters would have to put their hatred towards each other aside as they would join their families as soon as possible putting all their animosity in the past. Graeme Montgomery could not believe that his line would now end with him after the King had ordered him to take the daft woman to be his bride. What could come of a union with a woman who was sheltered because of her infirmary?

Eveline Armstrong had lost her hearing after a fall escaping a wedding to a man who was adept at hiding his true self to even her own family. A man with two faces. The loving, caring ‘husband to be’ and nobleman to everyone else; and the torturing, vile, lecherous man to his bride. Losing the use of her voice was altogether another problem. What started out as her taking time to recuperate ended up as the only way out of a marriage from hell. At the Montgomery keep Eveline soon has an ally in her sister in law, Rorie. Her secret now in danger of being revealed she needs to find a way to tell her husband that she is not daft but scared of Ian McHugh and the life she needed to escape.

Eveline finds her way into the hearts of the new clan but not before she slaves herself causing irreparable rifts between the Laird and the women of the castle. Realizing their mistake too late when she is betrayed and kidnapped and it will take a true truce and merging of the two enemies to defeat the kidnapper and save Eveline from the fate awaiting her.

Maya Banks never disappoints. Picking up a thrilling contemporary, an erotic historical or a sexy highland escape that has Ms. Bank’s name on the cover always delivers a story that will wrap you up in emotion, titillate your senses and have you scouring for more as soon as they book is back on the nightstand. Needless to say book hangovers are pretty much a given when I pick up her books and this one did not disappoint. Graeme and Eveline’s story was all of what I said above and more. Eveline was a strong and brave heroine who had to find a way to survive, giving up a connection that she once shared with her family and with the horses she loved to protect herself from the threat that hung over her life. Graeme is a gruff and battle scarred warrior but he opens his heart to the woman he is forced to wed and soon finds himself captivated by the beauty that his silent but determined wife by his side. I hate to be cliché but I cannot wait for more highland tales from Ms. Banks and am positive that it will prove to be another delicious escape.

I received an ebook copy of this book for my honest review through Net Galley from the publisher Random House Publishing

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Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day
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Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

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On the day of her wedding Lady Jessica Sheffield watches as the decedent and indecent Alistair plays with his latest paramour in the gazebo; all the while keeping contact with her eyes, with her soul. Running into her betrotheds arms, Jessica all but throws herself to him, begging to be taken even before the vows are read. With her beloved Benedict gone a year now it is time for Jessica to take care of business, planning to head back to the island and the plantation her husband had left to her. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would meet up with Alistair again or the power he held over her after 7 long years. The power to make her weep with need and desire like he had done so briefly without a touch under the waning moon so long ago.

Alistair Caulfield had never gotten over the one woman who had captivated his heart so long ago despite their very brief yet intimate interlude and the connection made despite never touching each other. Now a successful merchant he had stayed away as much to be out of his father’s reach as to stay away from Lady Jessica. When her brother in law asked his favor in keeping the widow safe on her journey he could neither say no nor submerge his desire to finally capture the woman of his dreams. No other had captured his heart and no other could come closer than the Lady Jessica herself.

Taking a return trip back to the islands was not what he intended but it would give him the chance to see Jessica as she is now and attempt to win her over especially when he not only had purchased a berth on the ship she intended to sail on but owned that ship and others thanks to his determination to prove himself. Jessica had never forgotten the passion that Alistair had stirred within her but the younger man had always been much too arrogant in his preening for her to admit her notice even with her betrothal to a man who had captured her heart. Tarley had once held her heart and admittedly a comfortable passion but it was nothing like the erotic intensity that Alistair ignited within her and a temptation that she could not deny.

Whew. This erotic historical delight was beyond what I was expecting when I opened the first pages. I was absolutely enthralled in their arousing and exciting adventure that led them to opening up themselves to both passion and love like they had never found before. A little danger, a lot of spice and a fantastically delicious helping of sexy sensual interludes combine to deliver one of the best historical reads I have read this year. I loved their interactions, their emotional bond and their intimate explorations as they give in to a connection that they had let simmer for 7 years before consummating it this exceptional read.

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Surprising Lord Jack by Sally MacKenzie

Duchess of Love Book 2

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Frances Hadley had hoped to make it to town and to her brothers by the end of the day and back.  He joy would be to wave a cheque in front of her aunt the next day and finally be free from her rules.  A lame horse, bad roads and a sore arse changed her direction and a dry bed to sleep in sounded like a good idea.  With the Valentines having their annual ball there was no rooms available except the one kept for the Valentine men themselves.

Lord Jack Valentine wanted to be away from his mother’s latest match making ball so much that he left for London in less than travelable conditions.  Stopping at the inn he couldn’t fault the owner for giving away his bed and found himself sharing a bed with a young lad who was out cold and who would hopefully not mind the company in the morning.

Realizing that appearances were not as they seemed with the young man, Jack agrees to help him get to London and to the family awaiting “him”.  Standing on the steps where her brother once lived, Frances was stunned to find out that he had married and moved.   Stranded and alone Jack couldn’t let the young woman run the streets with a killer on the loose.  Especially in the neighborhood she was determined her brother was still near. When the cat is out of the bag Frances is stunned when Jack proposed marriage to stave off the scandal.  Frances was compromised and there was a killer “slasher” running loose killing women of questionable reputation and if the killer found out her secret she could be in danger.  Getting closer to her wasn’t going to be easy though, her brothers brutal honesty and the revelation of another family members betrayal only harden her heart more.  Jack must find a way to open her eyes to the love he has for her while keeping her safe from the man who believes she should pay with her life for her reputed sins.

I really enjoyed this historical escape and want to read more of Ms. MacKenzie’s Duchess of Love series.   The chemistry that Jack and Frances developed molded into an emotional and captivating read that was hard to put down.   Their situations and stations were very different but the connection that grew between them was more acceptable because of Jack’s charitable nature.  This however, was a small question that developed in my mind when there was a very nice build up to revealing his secret charities including a young girl who captured Frances own attention but it was never addressed further on.  I would have liked to see more resolution in this matter since it was, to me, a very important part of why they worked so well together.  The suspense built up with the threat of a killer searching for victims who deserved their fate because of their less than reputable situations in life was very intense and delivered in a way that kept my attention throughout.   Surprising Lord Jack was a very delectable delight that kept emotions high and interest piqued throughout.

I was given an eBook copy of Surprising Lord Jack from the publisher Kensington Publishing through Net Galley.

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A Passion for Him by Sylvia Day

Amelia Benbridge had not been raised with the typical lifestyle.  Sequestered and hidden from even her brother, never staying in one place or with one governess long enough to make attachments.  Watching the man who was stalking her across the ballroom she was sure she had never saw a more captivating man before even with her almost betrothed, the Earl of Ware, interrupting her view.   Her phantom was gone but not the interest in him or to her desire to find out who hid beneath the mask.   She would wed her Earl someday but she could never give him all of her heart.  That belonged to Colin, the young stable boy who she gave her love to just as he gave his life for her.

Count Reynaldo Montoya couldn’t keep his eyes off the raven haired beauty.   Colin Mitchell had never forgotten his Amelia but the gypsy knew he could never claim her.  Living as a man who could blend into any situation, his disguises would allow him to at least get close to her one last time.  Left for dead after protecting her from her evil father’s machinations, he had no idea how to return from the dead and how she would react to his deceit.

Trying to stay away from her for her own safety was futile when his determined first love follows him out of the city and into the danger that awaits him.  Betrayal and a price on his head kept him from telling her who he was even after she cornered him in his room.   They make love but he keeps hidden until the morning when he is determined to accept him fate when she learns of his betrayal.  When everyone hunting them down shows up at the inn all hell breaks loose.  When the truth of their predicament comes to light and the threat following him shows his hand and they must find a place that is safe and where he can flush out the criminal who was responsible for the price on his head.  Following the group to Ware’s estate, the dangerous past Colin was trying to expose reveals even more betrayals before revealing the plot that had been instrumental in keeping him away from the woman he loves.

This book was an adventurous escape for a cold January day.  Danger, betrayal, mayhem, mistaken identities and a chaotic flight across the country all end in a dash to tie the knot with their true love.  First love.  I loved Amelia’s spunk and determination.  Ready to give up a perfect live with an Earl to have one night of passion with a stranger.  A man that drew her to him like a moth to a flame.  A man who reminded her of the man she loved and lost.  Colin was determined to find his Amelia and despite the danger following him he gave in to the need to hold him in his arms once again.  I was a little bit piqued at Ware being so non-committal towards the woman he supposedly loved, his acceptance of her putting him to the side for Colin would have been a little bit more realistic if he had put up at least a bit of a fight for her.  Another great escape from the talented Sylvia Day that is definitely worth a read.

I received an ebook copy of this book for my honest review by Net Galley and Kensington Press

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The Thorn & the Thistle by Julie Moffett

Megan MacLeod missed the her brother and the castle Kilcraig, her home and the home of the MacLeods of Gairloch both lost at the hands of Farrington, the Enlish Earl who slaughtered her clan under the protection of the English king.  Faced with the truth that the man had killed her da and many others she loved in this last battle, she vowed her revenge even if it meant stepping into her fathers’ place and leading a clan who now lived in hiding without a home.

Rolf St. James wanted out of London and welcomed being sent to rid Scotland of the Black Wolf terrorizing the Highlands and the kings loyal English people who he sent there to hold on to his spoils of war.  Stopping the man responsible for the insurgence of skirmishes against his fellow kinsmen would give him respite from the marriage minded mamas and a city that closed in on him from every corner.

Capturing the woman escaping the raid under the guise of the wolf skin was a blessing in his fight against those rising against his king.  Thinking she was a mere maiden, a mistress of the Black Wolf, he finds her determination, her fight and her loyalty both frustrating and endearing.  Megan could not allow the Englishman to find out the truth about the wolf.  Her father dead and buried, the clans were joining to fight for her and the land but she couldn’t let them sacrifice themselves for anything but their desire to be free from the English reign, never for herself.  Agreeing to marry him instead of the evil man who killed both her da and brother was her own cross to bear.  She would have to tell him the truth and hope he could forgive her before he turned her over to his king to be hung for the crimes of the Black Wolf but her fear of his wrath was not her only focus.  She wanted revenge against a man even her English husband was realizing as a danger to them all.  Farrington was an enemy neither wished to have but his threat was something that could tear them even further apart.  Even with the lie between them about the identity of the wolf still standing between them.

Emotions ran high for both of the characters and the reader when a life and death moment changes everything and a sacrifice made from true love brings tears to your eye and tightens your chest.   The destruction of almost everyone Megan holds close to her heart in their battle to find a peace in their lands is hard to read but the harshness of the situation is very realistic to the time and place they are in.  Along with the emotional tugs this book continued to pummel me with, I found their passion and their determination to not only do what was right but to fight for a love that should not be kept me unable to put this book down.  This is a rerelease of a previously published print release which is OOP.

I received this ebook copy through Net Galley and Carina Press for my unbiased review.

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