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Its been a hella busy week here getting into hockey season full swing both working the games at the RBC and my sons hockey games so I am a little behind in getting some new reviews posted. As well I did a “test run” with my new products at this weekends hockey mom sale in conjunction with our local hockey’s 50th anniversary. The SKATELETS were a hit with the young kids and so were the necklaces so I think I will make them both a permanent item for sale. The market research aspect of this weekend will hopefully give me the impetus to get the business plan finalized this week and submitted. Cross fingers.

As for the reviews I have loads of notes ready to write up and am expecting by the weekend there will be new books listed for you to check out. Net Galley has been very good to me with two major publishers putting me on their preapproved list recently. What that means is that I will hopefully be able to bring you a wider selection of books to review. Yay!

Please check back in on the weekend to see what is new. Have mom duties that are extensive this week including several 1 hour drives to London which is pulling me away a little more than I had planned this week. Thanks for stopping by…. next time bring a friend…. I might even bring myself to finally vocalize my displeasure with a certain bald cretin who has ruined my sport for me once again. 🙂