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Vixen Virgins by Beth Williamson and Robin Danner

An entertaining read for this reviewer as two talented authors each take on the story of two sisters.  Separated by circumstance, the two find out that fate plays a big hand in the adventure of their lives when they try to escape planned marriages but instead find love with two strangers that were destined to be a part of their lives.

The Outlaw’s Virgin by Beth Williamson

Lady Margaret Travers wasn’t going to marry the man her father had arranged as a husband for her when she was all but two years old.  Sneaking away from their chaperone with her sister they hope to make their way to their estranged aunt in Corpus Christi before anyone can stop their escape.  She had not expected the reaction to the bandit who stole their only money and a letter from their aunt.  The man stirred more than her ire as he stole a kiss and their money before making his escape off the train.  Chasing after him seemed like the only choice she had as she had them release her horse and followed the stranger into the wilds of Texas.  Maggie soon found out the dangers were not only from her being in unknown territory but when he caught her the danger of falling for the bandit was much more of a threat to her heart and his partners in crime when they show up and want their piece of his prize.

Brit Spalding, bandit, was a far cry from the titled British Earl he was supposed to be.  The Earl of Lowndes, Tiernan Franklinton, was nothing alike the bandit, running with a trio of disreputable criminals and if his brother, the sheriff knew who the man he had been hunting down truly was it would sever the last family tie that wasn’t broken after he was tossed out of his home by his step-father.  The responsibility of taking on his title and the ire of the bride’s family he was also avoiding were soon on the backburner when the feisty woman chased him into the wilds.  Realizing that the tempting morsel who hunted him down was not only his for the taking but his in truth he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  She would not take the truth lightly but he would suffer her wrath if it meant keeping her safe from his cohorts who were hunting him down as they raced for the only safe place he could think of.

The Sheriff’s Vixen by Robin Danner

Lady Millicent Travers was sure her sister would show up soon with their money and a plan to get them to their aunt and away from the pre-arranged marriages to the stuffy Brits their father had tied them too when they were but toddlers. Her flirtatious nature was just that, mere flirtations but the sheriff both angered her and made her wish he would teach her what she really craved to know about love and seduction.  If he didn’t infuriate her with every other breath.

Ben Spalding didn’t know how to handle the little red headed spitfire.  To kiss her or to spank her.  The sheriff had never been in a situation where he was so out of his element and all because of a feisty lady who dropped into his world.  He needed to concentrate on the bandit Brit and his gang who had become an even bigger threat to his community with their robbery of the train and the murder of a man.  If she would just sit still and keep away from danger but even locking her in her room couldn’t keep her out of harm’s way so using his position as sheriff would be his only choice especially when she follows him into danger.  Shocking him to the core when he realizes that she could have been taken away from him because of her stubbornness; as well as the nagging suspicion that she was more than a stranger in his life.  She was his destiny.

I really enjoyed my New Year’s Day read this year as I indulged in a little western romance with two very stubborn and determined couples.  A little bit unbelievable, but totally adorable as they try to fight their attraction to each other’s destined partner and the plans made for their lives well before they could read.  I was wrapped up in their stories as they fight destiny and give in to their passions and the new and fantastic connection to the strangers who unknowingly were fated to belong to each other.  Maggie and Millie both were strong and determined to fight for their own choices even if it meant severing all ties to their family and to the posh life that the two ladies were raised to expect.  Brit, estranged from his family, especially was memorable to me as he wanted to find a way out of the dangerous predicament he was in.  His desire to protect the lady who chased him down and give up his independence to do so made him my favorite character (although smart and sassy Millie came pretty close to stealing that position from him).  Ben, who had his stoic life turned upside-down by the tempting Millie was fun to watch as he squirmed with his feelings and his burgeoning realization that this woman was not only in his heart but was his to claim.  My only question was that I would have thought they would have had more knowledge of their intendeds before coming across the ocean to be wed.  The name question would have been more of a stumbling block for the women but for the men I would have thought that they would have recognized it a little sooner.   The two authors blended their tale to perfection and I loved them both!  A great book to start the year!

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