Designs by the Hockeyvamp


ReVamped Designs by the HockeyVamp

A unique spin on give away and promotional items as well as custom designed jewelry.

As an avid reader and crafter who was out of work after 25 years in retail, I came up with this idea to help my favorite authors with promotions, as well as to keep myself busy between hockey games and the next romance book I had my face buried in. This has expanded now to include a ReVamped Designs by the HockeyVamp jewelry line.

A unique thong every time; I use a combination of many different beads for your pretties. Crystals, woods, vintage, resin, and metals may be included to create a thong for you with almost any book cover, photo, or jpeg. I am now branching out and designing unique jewelry pieces which incorporate enameled items, chains, pendants, and at times vintage revamped pieces. From talented artists to best-selling authors to baby photos or a loyal four legged friend, almost any photo will work into my designs.

I is willing and happy to work on special projects as well.

The following is a list of items and prices:

Single Bookthongs: $2.50

Acrylic rectangle bead with your photo/cover embedded in a resin enamel strung on a gossamer ribbon along with various beads. I use an assortment of crystals, glass, wood, metal, and/or other various new or sometimes revamped beads. Use of a specific charm added to bookthongs will be $.25 and up added to cost depending on cost of acquisition of your desired charm(s). This may result in a delay of time to offset purchase and shipping of parts to me. I try very hard to find the exact part to complete your desired bookthong.


Single Keyfobs – $3.00

Same as above, but on a large lobster clasp. Additional cost of specific charms can be done on these as well, including a second ribbon of beads of desired.


Single Scrabble Tile Keychains – $3.50

A single Scrabble tile enameled with your choice of design on the front or back attached to a metal bail and attached to a keyring.

Double Scrabble Tile Keychains – $5.00

These revamped tiles will have a metal bail and your picture or logo enameled on to the Scrabble tile. Two tiles will be used and attached to a keyring.


Metal Pins – $3.00

A metal backened one inch pin is designed with your choice of photo or logo, then enameled in a two-part process to complete a very nice adornment.


Skatelets – $5.00

For hockey fans I create a skate lace bracelet attached by a dome clasp, which is custom designed with your choice of logo enameled on. Choice of several colors of laces and made to sizes specified.



I make a selection of custom jewelry. Designs include on demand as well as my own creative imaginings for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Enameled elements may be included, and most are one of a kind. I incorporate new pendants, beads, and chains into my design, as well as revamped guitar wire and vintage jewelry. Prices may vary, but most start at $20 and up.

Limited Edition “X” Bracelet – $25.00

These bracelets are strung on revamped guitar wire or colored aluminum wire along with a rockstar gothic cross and various metal or crystal beads.


Charm Bracelet – $25.00

Multi or single chains with up to five metal charms enameled with your choice of covers or other photos. Adorned with optional crystal beads or metal beads if available. Additional charms can be added at $1.50 each.


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