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Before the Rain

By JoAnne Kenrick
Before the Rain is book five in  Fated Desire’s multiple author series of stand-alone stories. In JoAnne’s addition to this series, a sworn-off-love Southerner escapes her failing life in Georgia and flees to the UK for a three month ‘no men allowed’ sabbatical where she unwittingly falls for the rustic charm of Rose Farm and its Welsh owner.


Three fiancés in three years makes Zoe Chantilly’s relationship column for the Georgia Times her only semblance of commitment…that is until her dating advice takes a dive down the Suwannee and she’s fired.

Unemployed and single, she leaves the sweltering heat of the south and heads to the UK for a man-free break from life. The plan? Get with nature, write a novel, and be alone. Be very much alone. But nature has other plans for Zoe.

Navigating the backcountry roads of Wales seems just as complicated as her love life. A near-collision hones her desires in on Dylan Mostyn, a Leo seething with a raw prowess and macho magnetism the Aquarius in her can’t resist.

This Welshman is as arrogant as he is gorgeous. He’s also her landlord. The undeniable and thunderous attraction between them pinnacles during a karaoke duet at the village fete, but what starts as a no-strings fling quickly spirals toward dangerous ground.

Publisher: Fated Desires.

Flame Rating: Three Setting: North Wales, UK

Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance

Tropes: Vacation romance, Opposites Attract

Release date: July 21st 2016

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My Review: Before the Rain by Joanne Kenrick

4 Hockeystyxxx

Zoe Chantilly is on a streak…. But it’s not the kind of streak that most people would be proud of unless there is an unknown group that thinks it’s a good thing to be left at the altar.  And after 3 times if there is such a group Zoe would be their idol.  You would think the girl who penned one of the most talked about love columns in the Southern states would be able to pick them better especially when she used the zodiac to help her dole out her advice as well as pick potential husbands.

After her third failed attempt at the altar not only was she down and out but getting ousted from her job for not being the most receptive ear to questions on the love lives of her readers she was off to spend a few months in Wales.  Both to lick her wounds and to work on a project that would make her boss want her back for more than just a weekend journalist.

Dylan Mostyn wasn’t happy that his last tenant had asked that her sister take over the last few months of her rental.  Not that he was happy that he had to resort to renting out the cottage to begin with.  Then on top of it the woman thought that she was Miss America driving the wrong way and almost taking his mirror off.  This was going to be a long 3 months living with both his too smart for her own good sister, an aunt that could turn into a Welsh Dragon at any minute and an American who got under his skin from the first meeting.

After a fateful night that had them grinding on stage singing old karaoke tunes before getting caught in not only a rain storm but a storm of heated need they decide on a compromise.  A summer of being vacation friends with benefits with no strings attached.  Only problem is a sexy Leo was hard to leave behind after a summer of love, fun and dealing with a Welsh Dragon lady even for a career she had dreamed about.

Ok before I read Before the Rain I was in a reading slump.  I was having a hard time staying focused on the story at hand for whatever reasons.  Today I read cover to cover in one afternoon and finished wanting more.  Thank you Joanne for bringing me back!  Zoe and Dylan’s story was a smart, sexy romp that not only was set in a dream destination for me but …. Hello…. Sexy man with an accent?  Yeah, I was hooked from the first slip of Welsh brogue that slipped from that scruffy hunk of a man.  Zoe Chantilly had what I would call a chip on her shoulder.  If pushing away 3 fiancés is any indication that is.  Getting out of her rental and feeling an immediate ping in her panties for the sexy Welshman who had just previously called her who knows what in that sexy language she had no hope of understanding.  Totally get that…. Or wish I got that.  Lucky girl!  And then there is the sexy farmer…. Or rather Prince Farming….  Dylan Mostyn was beyond dreamy.  And I’m not just talking his scruffy handsome looks or his sexy assed…. Ass.  LOL I am talking a dreamy guy that gave up his hopes and dreams to take care of a young sister and aunt after being abandoned by their parents.  That is hot.  And that… was what made me sit up and talk back to my tablet when Zoe had to choose between her career and the life she had always pushed away.  Put this book on your to be bought list….. the links are above in the blurb and the link to goodreads to make sure it’s on your list is there too.  Follow JoAnne on facebook as well.  She always has lots of cool give-aways and interesting conversation for and with her fans.  And as always check out her backlist!

TS5 - Leoi - Before the Rain


The Reluctant Wife by Bronwen Evans

4 Hockeystyxxx

Dante Lombardi knew his estranged wife had no other choice than to ask him for help in paying for her Grandmother’s surgery.   His antics aside, trying to make her jealous, he had never wanted his runaway wife more.  She was more than he had ever expected in a wife.  She was smart, sexy and would bring him the family he needed to secure his family inheritance.  If only she would trust in the love and the heat they share whenever they got near each other.

Abby still loved Dante but she knew the truth.  He only wanted her as a brood mare.  He didn’t love her but his stipulation on giving the money was she forget about the divorce and give him the son he needs to keep both the villa and the business in his name.  Abby still wanted him but even after the heat of passion his cool indifference cut her deeply.

Taking a leap they try again to make the connection and after Dante gets the all clear for his own health scare he pushes Abby towards giving him them family they both want.  Abby’s wants nothing more than to give him a child.  A son but her own health problems are now, more than ever, a part of the problem.  But how can she tell him the truth?  How can she tell him that she might never be able to give him what he wants?   When he finds out she was hiding such a big secret from him and the truth comes out he is the one to bolt.  Leaving her to go home alone and to suffer a life threatening situation without the man she loves by her side.  Dante realizes too late that he might have severed the last connection he has with the woman he loves and must make a choice between trying to salvage what is left between them or holding on to a past that will mean nothing without the one he wants by his side.

This book was an emotional ride that didn’t allow the reader to do more than hang on until it came to a complete stop.  Ms. Evan’s first foray into contemporary writing was a very realistic and at times hard look at relationships and the continuing work it takes to make things work.  Life isn’t always easy, it isn’t always perfect and it doesn’t always follow a pattern like most romance novels.  This book shows the good, the bad and the in between.  It shows the turmoil and pain a heart can endure when fighting the uphill battle to keep the one you love in your life.  Dante was at times an ass.  He wasn’t the perfect man.  He was human and showed his human flaws.  Abby was indecisive and she revealed that she would rather run from a problem than to hash it out and find the answers she needed.  But they were both real.  They both showed that life is full of imperfections.  Full of upsets.  Full of hurdles that sometimes take more effort than you think you are capable of but if you work at it, talk, communicate and love someone it can be worth putting everything you have into the fight.

I received an eBook copy of this book from the publisher Entangled through Net Galley for my honest review.