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If you all go back and check out my review for If I Were You you will see that I think (along with many others) that this is one of the best books of the year.  What to read after 50 Shades?  I suggest you put 50 Shades aside and pick this one up instead.  Lisa has just announced that Being Me, the sequel, has been submitted to editors and that she is getting ready for the final book in the trilogy which will be titled Revealing Us.  I myself cannot wait and am praying that I can get approval for the arc.  Gets on her knees and begs!!!!!

Get all your Lisa Renee Jones updates here  There are several contests that she is running throughout the year in conjunction with this series along with so many of her other books.  There is also a special new announcement about the release of a serial of stories to fill in your time until the rerelease of If I Were You in March.  Just remember that it is available in ebook now and if you are lucky you might still find a few of the original prints in the wild.

Release dates are as follows for the new printing releases of the books.  Also feel free to use my Book Depository link at the side to help me out!

If I Were You  March 12

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Being Me  June 11

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Revealing Us  Sept 10

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