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The Thorn & the Thistle by Julie Moffett

Megan MacLeod missed the her brother and the castle Kilcraig, her home and the home of the MacLeods of Gairloch both lost at the hands of Farrington, the Enlish Earl who slaughtered her clan under the protection of the English king.  Faced with the truth that the man had killed her da and many others she loved in this last battle, she vowed her revenge even if it meant stepping into her fathers’ place and leading a clan who now lived in hiding without a home.

Rolf St. James wanted out of London and welcomed being sent to rid Scotland of the Black Wolf terrorizing the Highlands and the kings loyal English people who he sent there to hold on to his spoils of war.  Stopping the man responsible for the insurgence of skirmishes against his fellow kinsmen would give him respite from the marriage minded mamas and a city that closed in on him from every corner.

Capturing the woman escaping the raid under the guise of the wolf skin was a blessing in his fight against those rising against his king.  Thinking she was a mere maiden, a mistress of the Black Wolf, he finds her determination, her fight and her loyalty both frustrating and endearing.  Megan could not allow the Englishman to find out the truth about the wolf.  Her father dead and buried, the clans were joining to fight for her and the land but she couldn’t let them sacrifice themselves for anything but their desire to be free from the English reign, never for herself.  Agreeing to marry him instead of the evil man who killed both her da and brother was her own cross to bear.  She would have to tell him the truth and hope he could forgive her before he turned her over to his king to be hung for the crimes of the Black Wolf but her fear of his wrath was not her only focus.  She wanted revenge against a man even her English husband was realizing as a danger to them all.  Farrington was an enemy neither wished to have but his threat was something that could tear them even further apart.  Even with the lie between them about the identity of the wolf still standing between them.

Emotions ran high for both of the characters and the reader when a life and death moment changes everything and a sacrifice made from true love brings tears to your eye and tightens your chest.   The destruction of almost everyone Megan holds close to her heart in their battle to find a peace in their lands is hard to read but the harshness of the situation is very realistic to the time and place they are in.  Along with the emotional tugs this book continued to pummel me with, I found their passion and their determination to not only do what was right but to fight for a love that should not be kept me unable to put this book down.  This is a rerelease of a previously published print release which is OOP.

I received this ebook copy through Net Galley and Carina Press for my unbiased review.

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