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Surprising Lord Jack by Sally MacKenzie

Duchess of Love Book 2

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Frances Hadley had hoped to make it to town and to her brothers by the end of the day and back.  He joy would be to wave a cheque in front of her aunt the next day and finally be free from her rules.  A lame horse, bad roads and a sore arse changed her direction and a dry bed to sleep in sounded like a good idea.  With the Valentines having their annual ball there was no rooms available except the one kept for the Valentine men themselves.

Lord Jack Valentine wanted to be away from his mother’s latest match making ball so much that he left for London in less than travelable conditions.  Stopping at the inn he couldn’t fault the owner for giving away his bed and found himself sharing a bed with a young lad who was out cold and who would hopefully not mind the company in the morning.

Realizing that appearances were not as they seemed with the young man, Jack agrees to help him get to London and to the family awaiting “him”.  Standing on the steps where her brother once lived, Frances was stunned to find out that he had married and moved.   Stranded and alone Jack couldn’t let the young woman run the streets with a killer on the loose.  Especially in the neighborhood she was determined her brother was still near. When the cat is out of the bag Frances is stunned when Jack proposed marriage to stave off the scandal.  Frances was compromised and there was a killer “slasher” running loose killing women of questionable reputation and if the killer found out her secret she could be in danger.  Getting closer to her wasn’t going to be easy though, her brothers brutal honesty and the revelation of another family members betrayal only harden her heart more.  Jack must find a way to open her eyes to the love he has for her while keeping her safe from the man who believes she should pay with her life for her reputed sins.

I really enjoyed this historical escape and want to read more of Ms. MacKenzie’s Duchess of Love series.   The chemistry that Jack and Frances developed molded into an emotional and captivating read that was hard to put down.   Their situations and stations were very different but the connection that grew between them was more acceptable because of Jack’s charitable nature.  This however, was a small question that developed in my mind when there was a very nice build up to revealing his secret charities including a young girl who captured Frances own attention but it was never addressed further on.  I would have liked to see more resolution in this matter since it was, to me, a very important part of why they worked so well together.  The suspense built up with the threat of a killer searching for victims who deserved their fate because of their less than reputable situations in life was very intense and delivered in a way that kept my attention throughout.   Surprising Lord Jack was a very delectable delight that kept emotions high and interest piqued throughout.

I was given an eBook copy of Surprising Lord Jack from the publisher Kensington Publishing through Net Galley.

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