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Tall Dark and Vampire by Sara Humphreys

Tall, Dark, and Vampire

Tall, Dark, and Vampire

5 Tombstones

Olivia Hollingsworth had been haunted by the one man she had lost for centuries. One man who had only shared one night with her but she had lost her heart to for an eternity. Thoughts that she had put him behind her had been brought back to focus twenty years ago when the dreams began but she never thought that it meant that there was more to it than a life time of celibacy and the resulting sexual frustration. Seeing her “Douglas” walk into her bar wasn’t something she had expected but when he was investigating a murder that had connections to her coven she had to protect those in her care first before she trusted the man who turned her libido on after centuries in the off position.

Detective Doug Paxton had some knowledge of the paranormal world but he didn’t want to dwell on things he really didn’t want to accept. People close to him had opened his eyes to the possibility but acceptance was another thing. Walking into the bar and seeing the woman who had been haunting his very sexual dreams for what seemed like forever couldn’t be just a coincidence right? Nothing was as simple as that, especially when his investigation into recent murders kept bringing him back into her orbit and his desire for the flesh and blood version of the sexy red-head was even more intense than the connection they shared in his dreams.

Someone was out to get Olivia and it seemed to be personal but that didn’t stop her from thinking of the sexy detective constantly and wanting to find out just what connection they shared. Digging into the investigation all leads kept bringing him back to Olivia and it isn’t all good when he wakes up after being attacked. Wakes up with news that his life as he knew it had been forever changed and the woman herself was the one to decide his fate. Despite everything they must push things aside and work together now more than ever to get rid of the threat before more people lose their life to whoever has a vendetta against them.

Wow… just wow. This has the taste of one hell of a series. The spin off from Humphreys Amoveo series, this book is a great jumping off point for a fantastic vampire collection. Olivia and Doug are awesome together. Doug’s reluctance to accept his fate makes the tension in the book jump up and wrap around your heart as does Olivia’s turmoil for her part in his change. My emotions were tugged left and right throughout their story as they deal with acceptance of the past, their real connection as bloodmates and what the future holds because of who they really are. The twists and turns and revelations in this book will keep the reader on the edge of their seat! I am hungry for more already!

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Desperate Housewives of Avalon by Saranna DeWylde

5 Hockeystyxxx

Desperate Housewives of Avalon

When given the opportunity to read a Saranna DeWylde book I don’t have to be asked twice or give it a second thought. I pounce! And I have never been disappointed! OMG her humor and her wit shine through with every character and interaction in every book! I mean, who combines immortal Gods and Goddesses with legendary ancient rulers and whips it into an entertaining and hilarious spoof of one of today’s most popular “reality” series? Ms. DeWylde does and she does it to perfection! If you happen to read this book when you are in a public area be forewarned! You WILL laugh out loud! You WILL be unable to stop reading! And you WILL want more when you are done!
Artemis is tired of being the immortal virgin…. She wants her V card punched and thanks to Aphrodite and her prodding a trip to Avalon to try and snare Mordred, bastard son of King Arthur and Morgan, and like his father one of the resident “attractions” for a hot and quick hook up. Aphrodite hopefully had chosen the right man for her but when another magic gets involved things could seriously go awry.
Guinevere du Lac might have wished she had made another choice than to spend eternity with Lance but she had made her bed and had to live with her choices. Even though he hadn’t shared that bed in over a century but when he walked out the door voicing his own similar concerns it still hurt. Could she even find a way to make things right with the one man who had given her everything, including a crown? Despite still loving Arthur she needed to let him find a way to love another and forget the pain she put him through.
Morgan might have agreed to her friend Aphrodite’s plan to hook her son up with the virgin goddess of the hunt but she couldn’t put her self in the same place. Or could she? Lance had always been the one she pined for. If he walked into her place and wanted her just as a booty call could she walk away from the most handsome man she had ever seen and the same one who she had always wanted after he was through with her? Rebound sex was amazing but not when her heart was involved.
Aphrodite needed to get away from Ares. She had always thought he was the one for her but his reluctance to give her his heart, or declaration of his love, had finally sunk in and given her pause. Tagging along with Artemis was just the thing she needed. The goddess of love needed to make sure things went smoothly with her friend and if she found out something more about her own heart on the way even better. Aeron was supposed to be a back up for her friend but there was just something about those Gods of War that got under her skin.
Vivienne du Lac, Lady of the Lake, needed to remedy a mistake she had made centuries ago. Morgan was supposed to end up with Lance, her son, not Gwen. Her own accursed love life aside she needed to help them along. Taunted by Mordred in the guise of his father Arthur, she uses her power to curse him might just get her into trouble with the Goddess of Love who had just arrived. When she is faced with losing her powers it might take more than a declaration from a man she had trusted by her side for centuries for her to accept his offer.
A full cast of immortals combine to make this a fantastic romp! The tug of war for Aphrodite’s heart between Ares and Aeron, the declaration of love from a man no longer the young boy Vivienne had always saw him as and the tangled web of love and devotion that the King and his Queen had let their hearts weave into a mess even the Goddess of Love could not untwine. The connection between Morgan and Lance was immediate and exciting as they indulge without thought of the future. Finally the virgin huntress Artemis finds the one man who she thinks can punch her ticket but the bad boy of Avalon can never be a part of her future…unless the curse that the Lady of the Lake put on him has more truth to it than they ever thought. A truth that would bind them together for an eternity.
Wrapped up together these stories are a very entertaining and humorous read. I loved it and whipped through this story in one sitting! Saranna DeWylde is one of the best comedic romance writers today and her ability to weave a tale makes her a favorite.

A Jaguar’s Kiss by Katie Reus
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A Jaguar’s Kiss by Katie Reus

4/5 Hockey Styxx

Gabriela Segura needed some time away from her job after dealing with the loss of her team so accepting her mother’s invitation to return home for a visit was the perfect escape. If only she could escape running into Owen Wright, her once best friend who had cut her to the bone and severed their growing bond before they could fully explore what they might have had. Getting accosted and kidnapped by his brother was not what she expected when she stepped out of the restaurant though, and apparently neither did Owen when he found her bound in his office leaving her jaguar no other choice but to run from the wolf.

Alpha Owen Wright knew who was waiting in his office before his brother opened his mouth to tell him what stupid thing he had done in hopes of flushing out the jaguar who had been attacking humans from the community. Gabriela was the one woman he let get away. The one he had always wanted and the one he had no clue as to why she ran from him. He had to catch her and let her know the reason why his idiot brother took her off the streets at gunpoint before she found herself in danger from the killer hiding amongst them.

Gabriela and Owen have a history that needs some details filled in but the one thing they both know, even if they only admit it to themselves, is that there is a connection between them that the miles and years apart from each other did nothing to diminish. With the stunning revelation that they had more than the severed connection between them to keep them in each other’s lives they both realize that they need to face their past if they hope to have a chance of working together to find out who was truly behind the attacks.

Sexy, fast paced, exciting and dangerous! This novella captivated me just as quickly as Ethan snagged Gabriela off the street and drew me into their plight and the emotional connection of Owen and the woman he let get away so long ago. The immediate flair of desire is evident as they briefly glimpse each other before Gabriela runs and Owen, for several reasons, follows hooking me into their story even more. I am totally diving into more Katie Reus books as soon as possible!

I received this review copy from the author for an honest review.
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