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I say FINALLY because I have been waiting to read this book for quite some time.  As what some might say a “recent” fan of Dr. Who and time travel interests in general this book has been twisting in my peripheral for quite some time.  (although I must say that if you really want to get into specifics time travel roms have always interested me and Gwyn Cready’s series is still one of my faves despite the connection to Pittsburgh…. hehehe….. sorry you can’t take the hockey completely out of me…. and as many know I am not a Pens fan) But wait…… I was talking about this amazing book by Rysa Walker called Timebound that I adored!  So without any more diversions here is what I thought and why I think you should all go and purchase this one immediately!!!

Timebound (the Chronos files book 1) by Rysa Walker

5 Hockeystyxxx

Kate is your typical teenager trying to deal with normal girl things.

Boys.  Best Friends.  School.  Family.

Splitting her time between divorced parents homes and trying not to chose a side between them especially when her estranged grandmother comes to her with an offer she cannot refuse, Kate has no idea who to believe. When she is attacked on her way to school by a man who steals her backpack and the bizarre book her grandmother had given her a handsome stranger helps her out; but not without giving her a warning and a kiss that brought a vision of more.  When she gets back to her grandmother and the sanctuary of her home, things gets even more twisted in her life when her very existence is threatened.  She has no choice but to believe in what her grandmother and her assistant have told her….  That she carries a gene that allows her to travel through time when she goes to her school and witnesses for herself that she does not exist in the current timeline.  Meeting a guy that not only believes her when she spills her secrets but wants to help her is her bright light through dealing with the loss of her whole life as she knew it but when she must go back in time and stop a threat to her grandmother that will bring massive changes to the world as they know it she has to go it alone.  Headed back to Chicago and the Worlds Fair of 1893, Kate encounters many obstacles as she tries to stop not only a murder but catastrophic changes in reality that will change the world forever.  All while facing the reality that if she is successful she will lose the person that helped her through the worst days of her life.

I’m stopping from giving any more “spoilers” and saying please pick this one up for yourself.  Yes it is of the Y/A genre but it doesn’t read like a lot of those in that category. It is a captivating read that has me salivating for more.  Kate’s journey through this book is never boring and it moves at a very fast pace.  The poor girl is thrown so many curves in the span this, her first story, but she bats away almost every threat with the maturity of a woman who has lived many lives.  The fact that this is in itself true set aside.  Dealing with losing everyone she loved, the suspected betrayal of those who should embrace her, and the multiple realities that have her heart split between two guys who love her and are willing to sacrifice everything to save her is a lot for anyone but Kate pulls no punches.  She keeps kicking and fighting and I can’t wait to see where the future takes her…. or shall I say the past? The second book in the series

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Timebound Print at The Book Depository

Good Cop:Heroes of Henderson Book 1 by Liz Kelly

Good Cop:  Heroes of Henderson Book 1

Good Cop:
Heroes of Henderson Book 1

4 1/2 Hockeystyxxx

Lolly Duval has plans to make it big as a designer but before she finishes school there are a few things she wants to get a step up on while back in Henderson for the summer. The plan was for those two things to be modifying the new athletic cup she had been working on and the other was her own designs for the upcoming show. Instead she finds herself caught in between two handsome police officers and it isn’t a bad place to be! Sexy and stalwart, and all around good guy, Brooks Bennett had been more than a crush of hers forever but the sinfully delicious bad boy Vance Evans could certainly turn her head if her heart wasn’t already taken. Agreeing to help them both was full of good intent but when the lines get crossed and the summer heat escalates she needs to make a stand and let them both know who owns her heart.

Brooks Bennett, good cop, stand up guy, and Golden Boy of Henderson had major plans of his own. Getting Henderson on the map as one of the best places to live in America was up there along with his plans to run and win the mayoral race next election. Having the right woman by his side was a part of that dream and for as long as he could think Lolly DuVal had been the “right woman”. Taking a leap when he heard she was going to be back in town for not only his sisters engagement party but the summer he made sure he had her on his arm for at least the party if not many more nights during the summer. If Vance had not had his hands on her feet the first time he saw her again things might have been less complicated but of course, the seducer of Henderson, the bad boy himself, was involved and thanks to him Lolly would be part and parcel of both their summers. He needed to step up his game and play by the other book if he hoped to win the heart of the girl who stole his years ago.

Vance Evans was not only the “Bad Cop” he was the epitome of the bad boy! Women were an easy conquest of his but once they were bed he didn’t want anything to do with them. Why couldn’t he just like a woman? He wanted the whole package. He wanted a wife and kids, especially now that he had hit the ripe old age of 30 but he had never been able to like a woman let alone fall in love with one. Lolly was a perfect fit for his plan. Hanging out, playing sports and learning how to appreciate a woman as a friend was just what he needed to get on the right track but when he finds that he wants to cross the line with her and become more than just friends he might lose everything else he cherishes along the way.

My procurement of this book was not totally on the up and up…well that is if the inscription is to be believed. “Shell, thanks for stealing my Good Cop!” To be honest, the book was just sitting there waiting to be claimed and I did qualify to pick it as my prize, I just skipped the line because it was the last one on the table! LOL I am so glad I did! But if you want to send one of these handsome cops after me bring on the cuffs! I loved the sexy and fun banter between Lolly and her guys! Lolly is fun loving, cute and has a smart sassy attitude that I loved! The guys are uuuunnnnnffff! Yummy! Sexy! Fun! And I was honestly back and forth in my dedication between them throughout…. and TBH was really looking forward to a little threesome action! Bennett is just…. well I can’t seem to say, he was awesome, more than awesome! And Vance is… gah! You know… I still am torn. This is why it was such a good book! I know who I wanted to win Lolly’s heart but I to this day continue to waver back and forth! On top of this was the secondary romance of two characters that gave the reader a little more spice since our “Good Cop” was adamant about making things perfect for his love. Yeah. Maybe that’s it! Bennett was perfect! Vance was perfect! OK that didn’t help! Buy this book and help me figure it out! Oh and BTW…. I would totally steal both the Good Cop again….and the Bad Cop too!

Good Cop at Amazon

Good Cop at Barnes and Noble

No Accounting for Cowboys by Leah Braemel

4.5 Hockeystyxxx

I like to think that I am up to date and on the ball but I’m afraid I have dropped the ball a little bit lately.  One of these little blunders is the fact that I some how missed the first book in Leah Braemel’s series The Grady Legacy.  That didn’t stop me from grabbing up the opportunity to pick up Leah’s latest Carina Press offering No Accounting for Cowboys!  And I am forever grateful that I was able to do this and share my views on the book.  Getting to catch up with Leah in New Orleans was even a bigger bonus!  Romantic Times Convention is a great way to interact with the authors, like Leah, that you love!

But back to the book at hand…. or rather the sexy as hell singing cowboy and his ‘not your typical accountant’ love!  Paige and Jake’s chemistry oozes off the pages from the first moment they lay eyes on each other across the bar!  Getting to know each other is definitely on the menu at the country and western hangout Slick’s!  Both, however, have more than a little baggage along with them thanks to their families and although wanting to dive in and taste the offerings that first night they find a way to put their desires on hold and let them simmer on the burner like the good Texas BBQ Slick’s is known for.  Finding out they will not only be working together over the next little bit only wet’s their appetite and a sampling is definitely what the reader and the two lovers are waiting for but like all good BBQ there is a mess involved and it might take more than a couple of wet wipes to clean it up if the two want to keep on the steady diet of romance, love and sex that brought them together in the first place.  If only their family secrets were in the recipe department and not life changing like the ones Paige and Jake have to deal with.

I absolutely fell in love with Jake.  Strong, sexy, loyal and talented… he is so amazing and I was as broken as he was when the truth comes out about the one thing that meant the world to him!  And Paige was no passive little heroine.  She was awesome!  A definite fighter who had battled and worked her way up from nothing to become a professional and get her degree.  Her little chip on her shoulder gave her an edge that made her fun, sexy and a little snarky!  I loved it!  If you love emotion this book has it in spades!  The tug on my heart when Jake faces the truth about who he really was tore more than a few tears from me and made me keep turning the pages to get over the pain secrets from the past as fast as possible!


Paige Reynolds is a woman who will not let anything stand in her path. Saying she had less than perfect childhood is an understatement and now a certified accountant and with a new job she is ready to prove to herself and anyone else that she is nothing like her mother or her father when it comes to business dealings. Getting the news she was going to be sent out to Bulls Hollow Ranch, the family of the man her father still holds a grudge with, to settle their books after a trusted employee screwed them over will put her in position to prove herself but that doesn’t mean she can’t relax a bit before she jumps in head first tomorrow. Spending a little time flirting with the sexy cowboy up on stage at Slick’s seems to be just what she needed to get her mind off everything piling on her plate. Walking into the office at Bulls Hollow and finding the scruff faced cowboy grinning at her should have her packing her calculator and running but something told her to stay and ride out whatever was coming her way with the man with two names she met only hours before and who already was under her skin.

Jake Grady needed this night off. Needed to shrug off the mess back at the ranch, both with their financial troubles and the rift between him and his best friend Gabe Larson, or rather his half brother Gabe. Shit was piling high. Getting up on stage doing what he had always loved was just the distraction he needed…. Well that and the sexy woman at the bar eyeing him up like a piece of candy. Taking the stage as J T Larson had always been a release for him but also a thorn that liked to prick him when his brother Ben continued to put him down every time he picked up a guitar and tried to show him how much music meant to him. Stepping up and putting himself in front of the sexy lady sure turned his night around when she didn’t shoot him down and had him hoping she would be back the next time his band played… back and ready to do more than flirt with him at the bar. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would find her in his own home, or rather his Ma’s home ready to dig into their financial mess and straighten out what was left of Bulls Hollow. He liked the girl in leather but something about the one in front of him made him think he could get to like this part of her too. A girl with two sides just like him would be perfect if only he could talk her into it too.

Paige and Jake find themselves falling. Fast. But the secrets both have carried for their families and now themselves might be too much to over come. Dealing with the impending audit, Paige finds herself embedded in even more secrets and when Jake has to face the truth it causes a divide that not only pulls him away from her but rocks him so hard there might be no coming back for him. Jakes trust and faith in a family he had always found solace in being a part of now pulled out from under him he needs Paige to help him deal but her promise to another is yet another betrayal he can’t deal with. Another reason to leave and not look back. Professional as always Paige finishes her job but leaving the job is one thing… leaving without trying to claim her heart back is another that she cannot give up on without one last try.

Please check out Leah at her blog    Leah has lots of fun stuff there including contests and guest visitors along with a daily post on life in Oshawa dealing with family, friends and some of the cutest little fur babies!

You can pick up No Accounting for Cowboys at the Carina Press site along with several other retailers!

Please leave your reviews on these sites and on Goodreads too!  All honest reviews are appreciated!

My Three Lords by Juniper Bell

4 Hockeystyxxx

My Three Lords by Juniper Bell

Miss Alicia Silverwood was used to being around men. Her brothers had made sure of that fact but she never expected that her future would include not one but three. Married to one, playmate to another and reason to live for another.

A bet by the new groom, the Earl of Dorchester, might not have been the best thing to admit to a new bride. Especially when it entails betting she would be satisfied with just a strong cock against his friend the Marquis de Beaumont who is determined that he can use his skill as a rake to gain her favor. With the attention of both men Alicia should be content and happy to be loved as such with two giving males. Missing something she has no thought to look elsewhere until the mysterious green eyed stranger sets upon their door. The Duke of Warrington never lets anyone see his true self but she realizes that he is not a stranger but something much more. Someone who can give her the part that is missing from her life. The love of a man with not only his body but his heart and soul.

This erotic escape was full of naughtiness and fun! Miss Alicia is one lucky lady when she finds herself with not one man in her bed after saying I Do but three. Three men who are very different and give her very different things but combined give her everything she ever dreamed about.

Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day
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Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

5/5 Hockey Styxx

On the day of her wedding Lady Jessica Sheffield watches as the decedent and indecent Alistair plays with his latest paramour in the gazebo; all the while keeping contact with her eyes, with her soul. Running into her betrotheds arms, Jessica all but throws herself to him, begging to be taken even before the vows are read. With her beloved Benedict gone a year now it is time for Jessica to take care of business, planning to head back to the island and the plantation her husband had left to her. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would meet up with Alistair again or the power he held over her after 7 long years. The power to make her weep with need and desire like he had done so briefly without a touch under the waning moon so long ago.

Alistair Caulfield had never gotten over the one woman who had captivated his heart so long ago despite their very brief yet intimate interlude and the connection made despite never touching each other. Now a successful merchant he had stayed away as much to be out of his father’s reach as to stay away from Lady Jessica. When her brother in law asked his favor in keeping the widow safe on her journey he could neither say no nor submerge his desire to finally capture the woman of his dreams. No other had captured his heart and no other could come closer than the Lady Jessica herself.

Taking a return trip back to the islands was not what he intended but it would give him the chance to see Jessica as she is now and attempt to win her over especially when he not only had purchased a berth on the ship she intended to sail on but owned that ship and others thanks to his determination to prove himself. Jessica had never forgotten the passion that Alistair had stirred within her but the younger man had always been much too arrogant in his preening for her to admit her notice even with her betrothal to a man who had captured her heart. Tarley had once held her heart and admittedly a comfortable passion but it was nothing like the erotic intensity that Alistair ignited within her and a temptation that she could not deny.

Whew. This erotic historical delight was beyond what I was expecting when I opened the first pages. I was absolutely enthralled in their arousing and exciting adventure that led them to opening up themselves to both passion and love like they had never found before. A little danger, a lot of spice and a fantastically delicious helping of sexy sensual interludes combine to deliver one of the best historical reads I have read this year. I loved their interactions, their emotional bond and their intimate explorations as they give in to a connection that they had let simmer for 7 years before consummating it this exceptional read.

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Note: I received this copy for review from Net Galley. This is my honest opinion of the book.
This is a repost from my original blog. This is my own work.


The Best Man’s Baby A Red River Series Book by Victoria James

Florist Claire Holbrook has always played by the rules her entire life, but breaks them to spend one night with sexy lone wolf Jake Manning, a man she’s adored since she was a teenager. Six weeks later, things get complicated when she discovers they created a bond that will last a lifetime

Jake has never played by the rules. Getting Minister Holbrook’s daughter pregnant wasn’t part of any life plan, but he won’t run from his responsibilities. He’ll step up and be the best man he can, even if he doesn’t have a clue where to begin. The more time he spends with Claire, though, the more he wants her, and the harder it is to get close, because that would mean sharing the one thing he hasn’t with anyone–the truth and his heart.

The Best Man’s Baby by Victoria James

4 Hockeystyxxx

Claire Holbrook had been the middle of the sexy Manning brothers’ sandwich all through her best friends’ wedding to the third tasty Manning specimen but there was only one that she wanted to have a taste of. Jake Manning had always been the one she crushed on since she was a teen and to see him there in a tux was enough to send her reeling into fantasy land. Not that he had ever noticed her. Not that she would know what to do if he did.
Jake had wanted the sexy curvy Claire for a long time but he knew he would never be good enough for the Reverend Holbrook’s daughter so he could look but not touch. His bad boy reputation may or may not have been earned but the truth about himself was enough of a reminder that he had to keep hands off.
This was another emotional read. Claire’s unexpected pregnancy was revealed in one of the most hilarious methods I have ever read but the upheaval of their lives once the cat was out of the bag was pure romance! I loved how they both opened up their insecurities and scars from the past and let themselves heal thanks to the love that bloomed and grew between them. The blossoming of their love was fodder for a great read as they worked backwards from pregnancy to a wedding proposal to falling in love. Quite an exceptional read that brightened a gloomy stormy summer day.


Title: The Best Man’s Baby (A Red River Series Book)
Author: Victoria James
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance
Length: 182 pages
Release Date: August 2013
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62266-175-6
Imprint: Indulgence

To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen Evans

Henry St. Giles, Earl of Cravenswood had watched as his two best friends and notorious rakes started their new lives besotted with their wives. Despite his reluctant acceptance to take on his brothers’ obligations he gives in to their taunts and accepts their challenge to find a soulmate or marry his beguiling neighbor.  He is happy with the bet until he meets a stranger in the garden and their union leaves him with only a desire to find this woman and claim her as his own and a single earring.   The lovely Lady Shipton would not be a hardship to spend his life with but there was something about the woman who filled his dreams and his hands so well.  Something very familiar as well.  Chesterton had not only taken his beloved mistress away from him he was being quite the overbearing cad with Lady Amy.  Creeperton as she called him should be thwarted in his attempt to take another beauty to his side, especially if Henry had something to do with it and it kept the beautiful Amy within his reach.

Lady Amy Shipton had almost given in to the pressure of the ton and her family and agreed to a marriage to a man who did not love her.   A man who was happily wed to a woman who had become a very good friend to her.  She would not enter lightly into another union like that but she wanted to taste what it would be like to be loved by such a man with all his heart.  A man like Henry St. Giles, the Sinful Saint.  Her neighbor had always had a place in her heart but she knew better than to let her kiss and touch her in the garden even if he wouldn’t remember it in the morning.  She would always remember how he held her after her father pawned her off on the vile Creeperton.   She would also remember how he called her by another name.  She knew he would do the right thing and had to find a way to keep her identity safe or lose everything to a man incapable of loving her but very capable of stealing her heart.

With the help of more than a few match makers, Henry and Amy both agree to escape the city for a house party but despite a growing bond there are a lot of variables mixing into their budding relationship that could either help or hinder their connection.  When a mistaken interaction again thwarts Henry’s attempt to find out the truth about Amy it stirs up more chaos but will they be able to work through it together or will it tear not only their budding relationship apart but a long standing friendship as well.

The ups and downs of this romantic escape as Henry does his best to find his own ‘Cinderella’ and Amy tries to keep him from finding out her true identity is magical.  The way they dance around their attraction is both romantic and hilarious as their interludes include both a search for an imaginary guinea pig and an unexpected voyeur to a very intimate and private situation.  I laughed out loud at their banter and the situations that they found themselves in.  A mix of mayhem, mischief and danger is thrown together in a very smart and captivating tale.  This is the third book in the series and I hope you will check it out along with the previous two in the series as you will want to see what Henry’s friends, and Amy too, have gone through to find their own soulmates and their Happily Ever After’s.

Here’s where you can purchase your own  copy or check out her website.

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Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

5 Hockeystyxxx

Angie Fox, author of the fan favorite Accidental Demon Slayer (Biker Witches) series, has come up with a fantastic new series that blends the paranormal with immortal gods and sets them in a war zone that recruits vampires, weres, demi-gods and humans with not so pure blood, to patch up the casualties of the war in a MASH unit.

Old gods vs. new gods are battling to the death with the souls of the humans both fighting to save the wounded and fighting the battles on the line as well as the entire human existence but there is a chance that the war could be stopped or at least slowed to a standstill if the Oracles predictions come true and the three steps to the prophecy come to pass.  Dr. Petra Robichaud had left behind her New Orleans home and had been patching up wounded in the 3063rd for a few years. Years that she knew she would never see her home or family again.  Low man in the OR, she is thrust into a complicated surgery that leads to her saving a particularly sexy immortal from certain death and possibly setting in motion the first of the Oracles prophecies. Having the demi-god war hero stick around came with a few perks that she didn’t mind but when they have to face a few life and death decisions if they are to complete the next two prophecies she is torn between saving humanity and saving the demi-god who had stolen her heart.

Commander Galen of Delphi should have been dead on the table from the bronze dagger that an unknown assailant had plunged into his side.  If not for the beautiful doctor he would have lost his immortal life to the cause.  Getting closer to the woman, thanks to a series of mysterious paperwork snafus, is a nice diversion for a man married to his military career but when he realizes her secret he must protect her and guide her towards a destiny prophesized by the Oracles.  Staying in camp he brings not only a few perks to those keeping their side alive but while protecting Petra and guiding her to their destiny he finds a connection that he had never imagined in immortal life.

Angie Fox makes me laugh out loud.  Her characters are always a combination of wit, brains, sex-on-a-stick, snark and totally addictive.  Petra is a strong and smart heroine, Galen is a gallant and sexy hero and the rest of the cast merge together to not only steal the show but give them the support they need to find a way through the chaos and crap thrown in their way.    Only Ms. Fox could come up with the premise of a MASH unit with for immortals run by the likes of a Drakkar smelling vampire with possible secrets about his sexuality, a werewolf how is so homesick for his family he adopt various creatures (aka dinosaurs) out of the tar swamp, a security guard sphinx and a Colonel that everyone in camp is trying to pull one over on in hopes of getting some R&R topside.  Petra and Galen’s path to find happiness was fun, frisky, sexy and a must read!  Grab this one now and pre-order the next one STAT!

I purchased this book from THE Bookdepository!  Please use the link below to order yours or click on my links for The Bookdepository on my sidebar to help support the vamp!  FYI the next book in the series was released this week!  Check out Immortally Embraced while you are putting this one in your cart.

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Forbidden Desires Cover

Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin

4 Hockeystyxxx

Bella Massey loved hanging out with the ladies at the nursing home despite the knowledge that somehow the nonagenarians she loved were cheating regularly at their weekly poker games.  When the paramedics came through on a trial run she could only think of the naughty games she would rather play with the sexy man with the stethoscope instead.  She wanted to lick and nibble her way down to his ass among other things; which surprisingly or rather not so much surprisingly was a suggestion that the ladies were quick to suggest for their librarian friend.

Marcus Aiello hadn’t been looking to get involved with anyone after the disaster with his former fiancé but there was something about the sexy curvy woman playing cards with the seniors that he wasn’t ready to pass on.  And were those same seniors checking out his ass?  He was just getting his life back in order but he couldn’t pass up a chance to get to know her better even if it was just as a friend.

Getting involved with a woman who wanted to take charge WAS what he truly desired but especially after his last relationship and the blow up with his fiancé he needed to take baby steps and keep it on the down-low.  He knew what he wanted and despite the desire to submit he needed to take control at times too.  Finding a woman to fill both of those needs was going to be hard.  Switching between sub and Dom was where he was comfortable at but he wasn’t the only one with scars from a previous relationship that molded him.  Bella wanted to take a chance on Marcus but allowing another man to dominate her was more than she was ready for right now, maybe forever.  A life changing accident pushes Marcus into taking the next step but getting her to switch to a give and take relationship might break up his chances with Bella before they can discover the pleasures of a give and take relationship full of sexual pleasures and a shared love neither expected to find.

Wow.  This one was smoking hot.  Bella was adventurous, smart and sassy.  Marcus was sexy, strong and brave for following his desires to find the perfect woman for him.  I loved that this tied into another novella I recently read with a secret B(ondage) & B(reakfast) that catered to their lifestyle and the hint that more could come from this series.  I loved that the need for Marcus to be submissive was brought to life in such a compelling and interesting way. He was real.  He was this alpha on the outside but beta on the inside.  Bella was a wonderful character that worked past the scar tissue on her heart and found a way to make things work with Marcus that they both could accept.  Check this one out and pick up The Theory of Attraction from Carina Press for another couples visit to the fantasy B & B.

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In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

4 Hockeystyxxx

Grace Santiago loves her job as Senator Kip Halloways aide, a man she has grown up idolizing since being raised under his roof.  The benefits she received from the education he had paid for, despite only being the maid’s daughter and not family, was something she could never fully repay except with her devotion to his campaign and his legacy.  Unfortunately the Senator was beginning to forget that he was in the public eye and things were not done the same as when he first took office decades ago.  His social blunders were going to make it hard to win this next election and keep his seat especially when Ethan Castle, the man that changed her life forever, was back in the district and working for the competition.  A man that wants answers and a second chance but can she give either and still stay true to herself and keep him safe from the scandal that was sure to surface if he knew the truth.

Ethan Castle had never understood what had happened with Grace that caused her to run from him and from completing her studies but he was not going anywhere until he solved the mystery of Grace Santiago.  She was hiding something and he had plans to figure it out even if he had to make a drastic sacrifice in his career to prove to her that he was not playing games this time.  He would prove to her that he would stand beside her and that he deserved her trust and maybe get her to open up and tell him why she abandoned not only her studies but him as well in the first place.

Blaine Halloway was not only Kip’s grandson he was Grace’s first and if she had her way and plans finally went her way he was going to be her last but definitely thanks to a fling in Law School he was not her only.  Ethan Castle had not only gotten under her skin, he had gotten her to take risks that she was still paying for years later.  Risks that she could never take, even with Blain, and ones that she could still make her hot with desire after seeing the sexy as hell CNN analyst at the local crab fest.  When Ethan decides to work for a sure loser just to stay close to Grace she begins to hope for a future but when Blaine has to hand the reigns of the campaign over to her she is thrust into the spotlight and has to put her plans with Ethan on hold.  Ethan wants Grace but he has to admit defeat when she pushes him aside once again for no apparent reason.  It will take a landslide change of opinion in the polls if these two hope to find a way to change the ballot to get them both on the same team.

On the eve of the American election this book will not only relieve a little tension over the choices you have to make in the morning but give you a laugh, an escape from the tensions of the day and arouse you while you take the time to escape for a few hours.  Grace is a strong and determined woman but she is loyal almost to a fault and not just to the man who signs her cheque but to the other men in her life.  The man who she visualizes as her future husband and the guy she fantasizes about when she closes her eyes.  Ethan is the sinful as hell alpha hero who puts aside his very lifestyle and possibly future for the one that got away.  The one that ran away without giving him the answers he deserved.  Their kink for exhibitionism is beyond sexy and definitely worth taking a break out of your day for.  A little tongue in cheek fun for your day!  Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

I received an ebook copy of this book for my unbiased review from the publisher Entangled Publishing from Net Galley. Please note that since the first posting of this review there has been an update on the cover art!  I love it.  The sexy guy in the bed is totally Ethan worthy.

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