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I’m Baaaaaack…….. I hope!

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hey, my few but loyal followers. It’s been a while. I wish it wasn’t so but unfortunately things have blocked me from doing what I love the most. (OK I admit I have been getting a healthy dose of both my online crush and my hockey) But in any case I can’t really nail down the reason why but I have been really out of sorts in my writing. Even in my reading schedule lately. Every time I sit down with the best intentions of writing a review up I get stalled either by a distraction or lack of coherent thought to be able to put down what I want to convey. I haven’t totally dried up yet though. I am a co-blogger on a fan site and I have managed to get a few movie reviews written but not as many as I would have liked either. Am I giving up? No! I am determined to get through this pile of notes and get some of these reviews for some of the fabulous books I have read lately done! Please be patient! I just finished yet another great book this morning so maybe with that said I can work backwards through my pile and get this one to you asap! Thanks again for everything!