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Custom necklace for Cassandra Carr contest

Custom necklace for Cassandra Carr contest

You can win this necklace or order your own custom creation

You can win this necklace or order your own custom creation

You can win this custom necklace

You can win this custom necklace

I was given the opportunity to make the grand prize for Cassandra Carr’s latest contest in celebration of the upcoming release of Momentum.  The third in her Bull Rider series.  Cassandra sent me an email and said…. can you come up with something? You can do whatever you want…..

….. that leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to a conversation between Cassandra and myself.  The end result you see above.  Three silver charms with the covers of all three Bull Rider books with crystal beads of iridescent blue and dark amber with cute silver spacers on a silver tone chain.  And it can be yours…. for free.  Cassandra is giving it away on her facebook page in a contest that is pretty easy to enter.  All you have to do is send her a picture.  Yep.  Tag her or post a picture on her author fan page here….

What she is looking for is fans who have bought one of the previous books to post a picture of them with the book.  The physical book, the image of your laptop, the cover on your kindle or ereader.  Whatever the format it does not matter.  Just tag her in.   Full details are here on her event page.

So now that I am done this fabulous creation I am back hard at making bookthongs.  Yes the special offer for no minimum is still on until the end of the month but for those who really want some for the cons and don’t have the money in the bank yet (We are all feeling the holiday crunch and I understand) you can still take advantage of the offer.  Order them now, let me know when you want them and for a small deposit I can give you the same offer for delivery in the later winter or early spring.  I can also add custom charms to your thongs for a little bit more which will be dependant on how much it costs me to get the charms in stock.  I want to promote my craft and make enough to go to RT13 in Kansas City this year so I am willing to bend my own rules to make it happen.  Pass the word on to let anyone else know about the special offers.

And for those who might be interested in ordering a custom piece of jewelry for yourself please contact me and I will be more than happy to make something just as special for you.  Pricing for these custom pieces will be dependent on time to design and put together and cost of materials.

Now I have one more thing to add to this post.  To help my friend Cassandra with her promotion I am going to do a crossover along with her Bull Riders contest.  For everyone who comments on this post that they have entered a photo in Cassandra’s contest and posts the link along with their comment I will have a separate draw for a Cassandra Carr Bull Rider bookthong.  One thong with one of the three covers will be up for grabs.  So take your pictures, Tag Cassandra and come back here to show me that you are a Bull Rider fan as well!


Hey everyone.  Thanks for the support!  I have over 1000 followers on the blog and love you all for it!  Please help me out by passing it on to a friend, retweeting my blog post updates or facebook notices.  It will help me tremendously.  To thank you and to help me raise the necessary funds for RT13 in Kansas City I am having a special on bookthongs this month and will continue it until the end of December.


All orders will now have NO minimum number to get the maximum sale price per bookthong.  The regular price of $5 per bookthong is only $2.50 per thong for the month.  That’s right 50% off!  Order one or order ten or order 100.  All thongs will be the same price.  I have loads and loads of stock on hand ready to make your thongs.  Want some as gifts please take advantage asap!  I can’t guarantee shipping but will do my best to get it in the hands of Canada Post or USPS as soon as possible.  For those who order over 50 I will throw in FREE SHIPPING!  If there is a special charm you want added to the thong please ask.  I have been collecting some very interesting silver and antique colour charms.  Just ask.  The additional cost will only be what it cost me to aquire them from my supplier.  First come, first served~!  Please email or comment with your requests!  Almost any book or photo will work.


This month I decided to jump in and go for it.  This book in my head has been jumping around there for over two years and it was begging to be let out.  Little did I know it would actually come out in the form of a pretty good impression of a real book.  Nobody else had tried it, and I kinda had been waiting for someone else to do it so I wouldn’t have to put myself out there and try it myself, so I put fingers to keyboard and came up with the first in what I hope to be a series of paranormal hockey romance books.  I am not done yet.  There is almost a week left to go and I just crested the 43K today.  One of the things I found out is that I write best between 11pm and 3am.  Not too good if you care to get some sleep in your night… or day.  LOL  In any case it is coming along pretty good.  I gave it to three very talented beta readers at different points in the story and I think their comments helped me quite a bit as I edited and reformed my writing around their suggestions which were right on.  I am not going to give too many spoilers but here is the blurb I wrote the first day to describe my idea for the book.  I am proud to say it is pretty much still on the same track as I had planned.  In addition to their help with this book I have already been prompted to get moving on books two and three thanks to a couple of secondary characters who are demanding their stories too…… damn sometimes these heroes and heroines are a bit cranky when it comes to getting their piece of the fun.  Thanks Cassandra, Stacey and Marnie (THE DEMANDING ONE) for helping me along.

Here is my blurb…

Xander Nikitin has been playing the game he loves for his entire life and despite the acceptance of supernaturals by the human population the world has yet to find out that the PHL was not your ordinary hockey league. As the league begins its media blitz after their  “outing” he can finally make some changes in his life.  Changes that include exploring a few of the tempting morsels that come out to support the team; especially the curvy new PR assistant who makes him dream of a more permanent connection.
Maddie Avon had always wanted to be a part of a team but thanks to a mother who thought that girls should wear dresses and not jerseys she never had the chance to play.  With the perfect job opening up with the Phantoms, Maddie hopes to not only be a part of the team but get a little closer to the sexy players; especially the sexy as sin captain who spends an awful lot of time in her fantasies.




Its been a hella busy week here getting into hockey season full swing both working the games at the RBC and my sons hockey games so I am a little behind in getting some new reviews posted. As well I did a “test run” with my new products at this weekends hockey mom sale in conjunction with our local hockey’s 50th anniversary. The SKATELETS were a hit with the young kids and so were the necklaces so I think I will make them both a permanent item for sale. The market research aspect of this weekend will hopefully give me the impetus to get the business plan finalized this week and submitted. Cross fingers.

As for the reviews I have loads of notes ready to write up and am expecting by the weekend there will be new books listed for you to check out. Net Galley has been very good to me with two major publishers putting me on their preapproved list recently. What that means is that I will hopefully be able to bring you a wider selection of books to review. Yay!

Please check back in on the weekend to see what is new. Have mom duties that are extensive this week including several 1 hour drives to London which is pulling me away a little more than I had planned this week. Thanks for stopping by…. next time bring a friend…. I might even bring myself to finally vocalize my displeasure with a certain bald cretin who has ruined my sport for me once again. 🙂


Hi followers.  I know I promised myself that I would be diligent at getting this blog up and running and posting at a regular interval but its been a few weeks of chaos here for me.

I have been trying to clear up a bunch of reviews I need done and have been on a long road trip to Chicago since my last post.  On top of that I have been struggling with a cold/allergies that have given me a kick in the butt.

My trip to Chicago was totally different for me than when HockeyBoy and I went by ourselves last year when he played for Team Ontario for the State Wars Inline Championship.  This time we traveled with another player and his mom and riding all the way (over 6 hours in the vehicle) in the back of a mini van was a little less entertaining than being up front and getting a front seat view of the sites along the way.  This time, however, we did not see a man with a 10″ strap-on attached to his chin and face while skirting through Indiana so it was a bummer for that alone. LOL

The boys played hard though, we saw what it was like to play in a “rich” environment and they won 2 out of 4 games with the two losses only by one goal.   This was with 2 players down that didn’t make the trip and 2 players who have always played defense on forward.  HockeyBoy got a goal and at least 4 assists so he did well.   They played two games at a private campus highschool that was out of this world for me.  At over $45 grand a year without extra’s we got a taste of what the prep schools that shows like Gossip Girl are based would be like.  I thought it was pure fiction but that school proved me wrong.  🙂  Got a lot of shopping done though in between the games and this time it was mostly for myself ….. yah for Old Navy sales and a big discounted sale at Christopher and Banks.

Bookthong orders that were on tap have all been sent out and I am hoping that there will be some more requests in my inbox soon.  Let me know what you need.  I am here to serve.

Back at home now and have been hit by this cold.  Slowing me down a bit but after a week of carting kids to practices, team bonding events and cadet meetings I took some time to do something I have been waiting for months for…….

I went with two of my boys, HockeyBoy and RugbyGuy to see The Immortals.  Wow.  I love my Henry Cavill and he didn’t disappoint…… although I would have loved a little more skin. LOL.  Actually there was a lot of skin, sexy abs and drool worthy thighs but no butt….. I hoped that there was going to be some butt shots for me to enjoy but alas no glutes.  🙂

With that said I am back at hockey again tonight.  HockeyBoy plays out of town and Sabres (I have been silent so far on my thoughts this week at my boys play because I am awaiting the verdict on the ass Lucic’s hit on Miller and that will be an entire post on its own) have games tonight.

Books I have read this week for my pleasure include Midnight Sins by Lora Leigh, Much Ado About Vampires by Katie MacAlister and In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks.

On the top of my personal TBR pile this week are A Novel Seduction by Gwyn Cready and some Lorie O’Clare yumminess.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am hoping to get this blog tweeked very soon to include some of my recent reviews.  Cheers!