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Hi to my followers!  I wasn’t sure when I was going to get back in the swing and to be honest I have been pretty down about taking this long of a break! Check out todays review and posting…. I hope to keep these going and get back to a regular posting pace.  To think I once was able to read and review double digits every week…. now life has gotten in the way.  I guess 5 years of unemployment kinda left a lot of time open.  Now although I am off recuperating from surgery I am crossing fingers that I can keep up on my reviewing, reading and relaxing once I get back to my day job!  For now send me your good vibes.  I have some great ideas including hopefully getting some guest reviewers.  There are a lot of books on my TBR list including some pretty awesome hockey romance ones…… and yes to those asking.  I will be polishing up my own paranormal hockey romance soon.  The first book is finished just a few tweeks left to do and the second is in progress….. so check out the review of JoAnne’s new book and please know that I appreciate all those who stuck with me!