Is Anybody out There?

Posted: June 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi,  if its been a while….. which it has…. I will start with an introduction…..


My name is Shell.  Short for Shelley, if needed, but since everyone spells it without the required extra e in my name I shortened it a while back.  Still I answer to both.  I am a work at home mom { yes I work as an independent Ambassador for the best health and beauty line out there as well as a full time job for the best Hotel chain in the business } and a fibromyalgia warrior and a breast cancer fighter.  There are a few other things in the health category but we can just start today with the basics.  I was a voracious reader a while back.  I reviewed for a company called Bitten by Books.  I thought I found the greatest friends and a fantastic way to read and not have it cost me an arm and a leg since when I started I was basically bed ridden after two back to back accidents.  In any case I busted my ass for them including up to the day before they told me that I had violated their codes by having my own blog.  Sorry not sorry.  I bent over backwards and did up to 350 reviews for them in one calendar year while I was with them and because a few authors wanted to expand who was blogging and posting about their books and sent me my own copies for review they sent me packing.  Which is fine I was ready to move on.  You would think that maybe just maybe that a friend would have been able to help me out and give me a chance to defend myself but those kind of people are getting fewer and farther between these days.  Which was once again brought to my attention because of another pair of catty bitches.  { I know I know…. bitches are dogs but I am not going there….. enough to say if you find the person who has your back make sure you keep him or her close and don’t let them hit you like I was yesterday }  That….. is another story.

So as to why I am posting again.  I am going to reprise my writing and hopefully reviewing careers….. however brief they happened to be in the past.  All this while I am off from my job as an online reservation specialist to have cancer treatment.  The docs are all in unison with their stories when they tell me that I am lucky.  It was a malignant tumor but they caught it super early and I will only require radiation for 5 weeks now that the surgery has healed.  So lets hope.  In any case, expect brief reviews or in the least a synopsis of what books I read recently as well as some healthy tips I will be sorting through while sitting in a hotel for a month with just my weekends home with family.

Everyone says stay strong.  And they love my attitude towards it staying positive but to be honest it is one of the hardest things I struggle with. Very few people know my real story.  What makes me who I am today and what battles I am fighting that day, because lets face it with brutal honesty here….  I am struggling.  Bad.  With both the emotional baggage of my life and of my hopes for a better future.  I might put it all out there but for now it will be in bits and pieces and quite frankly a lot of myself is in the books I am writing.

I AM WRITING.   Well not quite yet but I have a lot of spoons in use trying to get ready for the treatments which includes searching out my old manuscripts and starts and poetry and a couple of editing suggestions that I kept after I shelved my writing because I didn’t fight for myself when I should have.  I might always argue according to some people but I never fight for myself.  That ends now.  I am fighting.  I am not giving up.

So please feel free to leave positive comments and ideas.  I am not going to change everything but I am going to change as much as I can.  Thank you for listening.  I am going back to a great cowboy novella I am beta reading for the beautiful Stephanie Rowe.  I will leave a few notes and the link for the pre order asap……

Send love not hate.


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